• Parents and Students, Welcome to West Ashley Advanced Studies Magnet Counselo'rs Google Classroom. For the duration of the time that we are out of school, if you have any issues during this time please reach out to us via email during normal school hours (7:25 a.m. -2:25 p.m)

    6th grade Counselor, Ms. Shannon, shujuan_shannon@charleston.k12.sc.us
    7th and 8th grade Counselor, Ms. Buist, cynthia_buist@charleston.k12.sc.us
    While you're home your School Counselors can still provide collaboration, consultation, and referral services, such as mental health.

    In case of an emergency/crisis, please call 911 and/or Mobile Crisis/Department of Mental Health at 843.414.2350 in the event of an emergency.



    Academic Tips for Students while at Home

    Study Skills While at Home

    Staying Organized While at Home

    Staying Motivated While at Home


    Emotional Coping Skills for Students While at Home

    Coping Skills for Dealing with Covid-19

    Android Apps for Counseling for your phone and tablet (Remember, check all apps and download at your own risk):
    Calm - Meditate, Sleep and Relax - for all ages to calm and relax if upset. 
    Smiling Mind - Meant for all ages, the app states that is for "Modern Meditation".  
    AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety and Stress Relief Game- Over 36 games to relieve your child's stress.
    Children's Bedtime Meditations for Sleep and Calm-  Ways to calm your child so they can go to sleep, with music and sounds. 

    The Public Library 

    The Charleston County Public Library is providing free access, digital library cards, and free WiFi service during closures. 
    Here is the link:  https://www.ccpl.org/


    Social - Emotional/Mental Health Community Resoruces:   During the course of our day as school counselors, we meet with lots of our scholars who are experiencing varying emotions throughout the day, ranging from anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, family concerns, and poor peer relations. While we are not at school, we want you to know that the counselors are still here for you virtually (Zoom), by email and through google classroom for non-emergencies. Students, now that you are home, we want you first to talk to your parent if you are experiencing any type of emotional distress. We are here for you as well, along with your parent/guardian. If there is an emergency, we are offering a list of community resources for you to contact. 911 is still the best immediate option. 

    Mobile Crisis

    Mental Health Centers
    Berkeley County – 1-888-202-1381

    Charleston/Dorchester Counties – 843-414-2350

    Substance Abuse and Addiction Services
    Charleston County (The Charleston Center) – 843-722-0100

    Dorchester County (Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission) – 843-871-4790

    Palmetto Behavioral Health

    Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

    Institute of Psychiatry (MUSC-IOP) – 843-792-9888

    Institute of Psychiatry outpatient appointments (MUSC-IOP) – 843-792-9162

    National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Support for those affected by mental illness.
    Charleston County – 843-571-1832

    Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) – Peer run support groups – chapter of the
    National DBSA

    Compassionate Friends – Support group for parents who have lost a child

    Survivors of Suicide Support Group – Group and individual support, book exchange, and
    referrals for people who have lost someone they love by suicide.

    Lowcountry Children’s Center

    Winwood Family Services