• Hi students!!! Welcome to the Librarian's Corner!

    I wish we could all be back in the library together again, but since we can't, I will try my best to bring the library to you!


    There are four pages in Librarian's Corner. Click the tab to the left of this page to access the others:

    1. Craft and STEM challenge . Twice a week, I will post a video with a craft or a STEM challenge on this page.

    2. Do You Want to Hear a Story?  Click on this tab for read alouds and recorded storytimes.

    3. Research Trivia Challenge.  Click on this tab for a weekly research challenge question. 

    4. Where can I get books online? Click here for help accessing eBooks.


    If you are in the third-fifth grade and would like to join a virtual book club, please email Ms. Overcash.  Christina_Overcash@charleston.k12.sc.us before Friday. 


    You can also ask me a research question you want to know about a subject of interest to you. (But not the trivia question!) You can submit your questions via email at Christina_Overcash@charleston.k12.sc.us and I will try to answer it within 24 hours.


    For example:

    What is the tallest bridge in the world?

    Who created the Tik Tok app?

    Why is a tomato called a fruit?