Pepperhill Elementary Uniform Policy


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    *Students should be in uniform at all times. Pepperhill Uniform is black, khaki, or navy bottoms with a solid black, white, red, grey, or navy blue collared shirt. Shoes must have have heel straps.

    *Backless shoes and those with greater than a ½ inch heel are not permitted. 

    *Athletic shoes should be worn on PE days. 

    *Shorts and skirts must be as long as pinkie fingertips when hands are beside a student's legs. 

    *When leggings are worn, the accompanying top must be as long as the pinkie fingertip when hands are beside a student's legs.

    *Shirts must have, at minimum; cap sleeves (no halter tops, spaghetti straps, or tank tops). 

    *Shirts may not show midriff, back, or lower chest. 

    *Hats, bandanas, or headgear are not allowed.

    * Hoods of hoodies should not be worn indoors. 

    *No heavy jackets may be worn indoors. 

    *Clothing must fit properly-- not oversized or too tight, and pants must fit at the waist 

    *Clothing must be free of holes and tears.

    *No mesh or sheer clothing allowed. 

    *Clothing and accessories may not display profanity, suggestive phrases, weapons, or offensive/inflammatory graphics or statements. 

    *Any attire, make-up, accessory, or piercings that are determined to be unsafe or a distraction in the learning environment are not allowed.