• Sanders-Clyde students have access to many online resources to enhance their learning.  These are wonderful resources and lots of fun, so make sure you're logging in and taking advantage of all the great things offered! Below are the steps to get logged into the portal:


    1. Open web browser (Chrome is recommended)-- MyPortal link will be just under the search bar or go to https://myportal.charleston.k12.sc.us/

    2. Students will log in with their credentials:

              Username: (first 3 letters of your last name first 3 letters of first name last 4 numbers of student ID)

              Password: determined by school or student. Contact the Help Desk at 843-308-8181 for password assistance.

              *Most scholars know their password but if you need assistance with passwords or usernames please contact your scholar's teacher or the school's teacher librarian

    1. Click on the Clever icon

    2. Choose Log in with MyPortal

    3. Click on the icon for any of the learning apps and digital resources students want to use-- the student is already logged into all the programs listed. They can switch from one program to another within Clever. There are many great things in MackinVia under databases.  Scholar's can also get more practice on deambox, Lexia and Achieve 3000 here. In the document below is an overview of the many resources available in your Clever account.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.