• West Ashley ASM is committed to providing meaningful, standards-based learning to our students during this temporary closure of schools. We will be using Google classroom and Zoom to deliver instruction. Teachers will be answering questions and providing support through email and Zoom.

    Zoom- Zoom is an online platform that allows for virtual meetings. Teachers will be having online sessions once a day according to the schedule per grade level (see below). This will be a time for teachers to give instruction and answer questions. Directions on how to use Zoom is found below. The link for students to join their Zoom class will be found on the Teacher’s Google Classroom site.

    Website on how to install and use Zoom:


    Grade level zoom schedule here

    Google Classroom- Google classroom is a different platform that allows teachers to post assignments and instruction online. Below are all of the Google classroom codes by teacher. All students have access to Google classroom using their CCSD logins. If a stdent cannot login or cannot remember their login/password, call 843-849-3400 and Technology Support can reset it.

    In addition: click on the Library Media Center tab to get access to online books, resources, LIVE read-a-louds from Teacher-Librarians across the district, book recommendation and more!

  • Librarian: Ms. Gildea's Google Classroom Code for the Zoom Read Aloud of 23 Minutes by Vivan Vande Velde is: kdqu7y4

    Gildea Gab is a Google Classroom with booktalks by Mrs. Gildea of books you can find on MackinVia!  Gildea Gab Google Code: uggzdkr

    Ms. Beckstine


    Zoom/Office Hours: 9-11

    Yearbook 7th grade:7tigkuh 

    Yearbook 8th Grade: x2dqrdc

    Coach Clark


    Open Zoom 8-9 Wednesday

    8-9 Monday by appointment

    All classes: 2z57tll

    Coach Teller


    Zoom/Office Hours: 10-11am, 1-3pm

    WA-ASM Spring 2020 Physical Education: dddhd55 

    WA-ASM Health Class: zjqmeoo  

    Mr. Dixon CTE/PLW- Engineering


    1A--gmpuctg--8th Grade Flight and Space

    2A--jcyad5e----7th Grade--Automation and Robotics

    3A--eccrmf4----6th Grade DEsign and Modeling

    4A--f64gv2r-----8th Grade--Flight and Space

    5A--epz3fl4----6th Grade--Design and Modeling

    6A--aqxq2w6---7th Grade--Automation and Robotics

    Mr. Hatmaker


    Zoom: MWTh: 1-2pm

               TF: 8-9am

    Office Hours: 

    Mon: 2-3pm

    Tues: 5-6pm

    Wed: 12-1pm

    Thurs: 11-12am

    Fri: 7-8am

    6th grade band - 24ktkhd

    6th grade strings - 2fqsup4

    7th grade strings - 24ktkhd

    7th grade band - 24ktkhd

    8th grade strings - 24ktkhd

    8th grade band - 24ktkhd

    7th grade general music - sjue3dj

    8th grade general music - sjue3dj

    Ms. Spann


    Office hours, Zoom by appt: 10-11

    Zoom: 1-2

    8th Grade: Computer Science 1A -zf6kwzu

    7th Grade: Computer Science 2A- l5jfy5h

    6th Grade: Keyboarding/Google Apps 3A- tj47l2a

    8th Grade: Computer Science 4A- w2l2tpz

    6th Grade: Keyboarding/Google Apps 5A- lofcyua

    7th Grade: Computer Science 6A- zzblxix

    Ms. President


    Zoom, calls by appt: 8-9am

    Zoom: 1-2pm

    8th Grade RA1-tglbw5j

    7th Grade RA2-dkgfjpw

    6th Grade  RA3-exrwvhn

    8th Grade RA4-pa23uwg

    6th Grade RA5-qqlknfb

    7th Grade  RA6-p6kz2r7

    Mr. Vincion


    Email: 6am-7am

    Zoom: 4pm-5:30pm

    Spanish 8th grade (1st period)  5z66fmd

    Spanish 7th grade (2nd period)  w3nsml6

    Spanish 6th grade (3rd period)  afsctso

    Spanish 8th grade (4th period)  d5ie5yi

    Spanish 6th grade (5th period)  p55ixay

    Spanish 7th grade (6th period)  ujasyec

    Ms. Cutler


    8th Grade, Block 1: dd6njoe

    7th Grade, Block 2: sljvjez

    6th Grade, Block 3: ferylna

    8th Grade, Block 4: m5tqi2a

    6th Grade, Block 5: s43rbfh

    7th Grade, Block 6:  bxpdfi2

    Ms. Nicholas  


    Zoom: 1-2pm MWF

    ESOL  6445a6e