• Parents and students, It's that time of year for 8th grade students to complete their Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). Parents please make an appointment to meet with a counselor.  We will be scheduling IGP's from now until March 13th.  If an appointment has not made within that time frame a representative from the school will be appointed to the student to complete their IGP. 

    What is an IGP? The individual Graduation Plan is an annual process in which students, parent(s) and the counselor meet to design a choice of courses from the 16 national career clusters. The IGP is reviewed annually and updated as student interests and goals change. 


    To schedule an appointment with Ms. Buist (Last Names A-M), Call (843) 763-1546 EXT. 6476195, or email Ms. Buist directly.


    To schedule an appointment with Ms. Shannon (Last Names N-Z), Click Here to sign up, or call (843) 763-1546 EXT. 6476193, or email Ms. Shannon directly.