• Eligibility:

    Students are selected in the spring of their sophomore and junior years. The only exception will be for a student transferring in who has been accepted to another chapter.

    Scholarship standard: A minimum weighted GPA of 4.60 is required to be eligible to apply to NHS. The Guidance Department is responsible for GPAs which will be determined following the fall semester.

    Selection Process:

         A) Guidance provides a list of eligible sophomore and junior students by March 15 of each year.

         B) Advisor gives each student a letter inviting him or her to apply to NHS along with instructions on how to complete the process; the deadline to make a decision is provided. 

         C) Students contact the advisor if they wish to apply. At that time, they are given an application to complete which provides information regarding their service, leadership, and character. They are also asked to write an essay expressing intent. The deadline to apply is provided.

         D) The faculty is sent a list of candidates' names. Those familiar with the candidates are asked to evaluate their scholarship, leadership, and character. The evaluations are returned to the advisor; the process is confidential.

         E) The advisor compiles both the student applications and the faculty evaluations for the five-member faculty council. The council reviews all pieces and then votes on each candidate. Candidates are selected based on a majority; advisors do not vote. 

         F) The advisor submits the results of the faculty council's deliberations to the principal for final approval.

         G) Students are notified in writing if they were selected or not.

         H) Non-selected students may receive, upon request, the basic reason(s) for the non-selection, but are not given specific names of teachers either who are on the council or who may have provided unfavorable comments. Per Article IX Section 5, "NASSP shall not review the judgment of the Faculty Council." Please note: a negative comment by one teacher is usually not grounds for non-selection except in the case of academic dishonesty.


    NHS peer tutoring pairs capable and willing NHS members with students in need of help with their academic classes for convenient help before school, after school, or during lunch:

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