• Schedule Change Language


    It is important to know that administrators and school counselors work diligently to complete student schedules based on student course requests. However, there is no guarantee that students will be scheduled for all requested courses. During this time, we are only able to honor legitimate reasons for changes.


    I want to request a schedule change, what do I do?


    Legitimate reasons to request a schedule change:

    • Because a student has already taken and passed the course
    • Because the student was placed in a course for which they have not taken/passed the prerequisite course
    • Because the student has an unscheduled period – (open block without a course)
    • Failed course and course is needed to meet June graduation requirements
    • Course needed for graduation not listed on schedule and has not received an email from assigned school counselor to register for the course through VirtualSC
    • Because you are classified as grade 12 in PowerSchool, completed and submitted an application, met the college/career criteria, and can drop a first or fourth block class not needed for graduation to add late in or early out. Please note: schedules will not be rearranged to accommodate, only a course dropped to add late in or early out will be honored.
    • Schedule requests and changes are ONLY completed during the drop/add time frame in accordance with the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy (SCUGP).


    Reasons a schedule change request will not be reviewed:

    • If a student requested a class or elective, and wishes to change their schedule. Classes are created based on course selections added in semester two of last school year or when you completed new student registration.
    • If you select an AP course and now want to drop it, it will most likely not happen.  
    • If you requested an AP course or any specific course and you were not scheduled for that class, please be aware the course was either not offered or not able to fit in your schedule.  
    • Classes that appear on your schedule and students did not request were based on availability in the student’s schedule and the master schedule.


    IMPORTANT: Classes that were requested but were not scheduled is based on availability in the student’s schedule, balancing class sizes, the requested course is full, or is no longer a course offering. During the drop/add timeframe, if your student receives a schedule change without requesting one, please understand the change was made due to balancing class sizes or class availability.