• DATE & TIME & PLACE:  SOA Prom 2020 will be on Saturday, April 25th, from 7pm-11pm, at a newly renovated venue downtown called 159 Rutledge.  If you would like a glimpse at the venue, check out the link to the venue's website:  http://159rutledge.com/
    SPONSORS:  I am pleased to have several other SOA faculty on board to make this our best prom ever.  Amanda Miller, Katharine Johnson & Nicole Thomas are my faculty prom team extraordinaire.  Mike Christensen & Leah King are in charge of our tech needs & designs.  And we are hoping that many of you will be available to come and chaperone during the evening.
    STUCO OFFICERS:  Aydan Reimer is officer-in-charge of the Juniors & the Prom this year, and she will be looking for student volunteers to help with Prom Committee.  Send interested students her way.
    Senior officers Maya Green & Christina Lewis will be assisting with prom, and Sophomore Cassidy Lewis will be recruiting freshmen and sophomores to set up and work prom, so help us out and point interested 9th-10th graders her way.
    CHAPERONES:  SOA has a tradition (necessary & wise) to only use SOA faculty as chaperones, not parents or volunteers.  Students see us there and know they are safe & respected with faculty they know and like.  We will be asking you to sign up for chaperoning slots soon.  Shift A is 5:30pm-8:30pm, shift B is 7pm-10pm, and shift C is 8:30pm-11:30pm.
    CLEANING CREW:  We will have students set up prom and a hired cleaning crew afterwards to clean up prom.  All we ask of you is to help monitor activity and hob-nob with the guests.
    THE EVENT:  We will have 1-2 live bands playing outside in the enclosed parking lot next to the venue, acoustic acts performing on the 1st floor, the crowning of the prom court on the 2nd floor at 9pm, and a live DJ on the top 3rd floor.  
    CATERING:  The prom will be catered with snacks and drinks for the student guests, and a full catered meal will be provided for the staff chaperones, to show our appreciation for helping us with this great event.
    PARKING:  The venue is next door to the main MUSC parking garage, and parking passes will be provided for staff chaperones for that night.  Literally, the parking garage wall is next to the band performance location, 20 yards from the venue.
    GUESTS:  It is expected that chaperones might have guests to bring.  Please let the prom team know in advance how many guests you might be bringing with you.  Spouses, S-Os, and friends are welcome to accompany you to prom.
    PROM LETTER:  Attached is the 2020 Prom Letter.  Read over it for info about Prom.  Also attached is the SOA STUCO Fee Schedule, listing fees for Prom 2020, Junior Ring Ceremony, Winter Dance, and class tshirt sales and directions for purchase on the SOA Online (Revtrak) Store:  https://ccschoolofthearts.revtrak.net/school-fees/#/list .
    QUESTIONS/CONCERNS:  Please let the Prom Team know if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you at Prom 2020!