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  • Truthfully, our exam schedule is difficult to understand due to multiple schedules, school policies, and testing restraints. I hope this email helps clarify any questions you may have about next week.

    1. If students miss a final exam they must have a doctor or medical note to make up the final exam. No exceptions! It is important that they are here!
    2. The JICHS Fall Exam schedule is on our website at jichs.ccsdschools.com. We can give only 2 exams each day, which is why we have different exams scheduled for different days and an Advisory/Study Hour.
    3. Yearlong classes are taking mid-terms. There are no exemptions for mid-term exams. If a student is absent during their midterms, they must bring in a parent note to make up the midterm.
    4. If a student has exempted a final exam, they do not need to attend during that exam period.
    5. If a student does not have a particular period or has exempted the 9:30 am exam, those students may miss the morning exam period and arrive prior to the 1:00 pm exams beginning. (No note necessary.)
    6. If a student has taken their 9:30 am exam, but does not have a particular period or has exempted the scheduled 1:00 pm afternoon exam, those students must bring a note from a parent giving permission to leave at 12:00 pm and give it to their 9:30 am exam teacher that day.
    7. Monday, January 13th and Tuesday, January 14th, everyone must follow the Final Exam Bell Schedule (with Advisory/Study Hour at the beginning of the day).
    8. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday attendance will not be taken unless students must come for their 2B/4B, 1A/3A midterms on Wednesday and Thursday or if they need to make up an exam.
    9. If students come when they do not have an exam scheduled (i.e. either they exempt or have already taken the exam), they will attend and stay in the scheduled class. They may not be released to the library, the gym, the front office to leave or elsewhere in the school.   
    10. To minimize disruptions in classrooms during exam week, students will not be allowed to sign out early during an exam period. They must wait until the exam period is over. 

    Please contact the school if you have any questions at 843-762-2754.