• Dear Parents and Students,
    Last year we debuted our Music Benchmark Testing Program for 6th graders in an effort to support students who are struggling musically, and to celebrate those who continually strive for excellence in their music courses. This is a way for teachers, parents, administration, and support staff to communicate regarding the needs each student. The music department has decided to implement music benchmark testing across all grades. All music tests (written and/or playing) will be conducted on or before November 21st. Students will have another music benchmark test in April of next year. These tests will count as a test grade in their respective music classes, and will be reflected as part of their final score for the quarter/semester. 
    Every music teacher has provided study materials for their particular exam.  You are encouraged to study together! If a student does not pass two or more of their benchmark tests, then they will be put on a development plan to be followed throughout the course of the year. Their scores will be re-evaluated after the April benchmark. 
    If a student receives a 90% or more on each of their music tests, then they will be rewarded with a pizza party during lunch! If two or more tests are failed, then the student and parent will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. Students and parents are responsible for arranging for a tutoring time with their music teacher(s) each week for additional help. 
    2. Parents must reach out to teachers one time a week to check on the social and academic behaviors of their child.
    3. Parents and students must regularly access Powerschool in order to closely monitor their grades and missed assignments. 
    4. If the student’s grade has not improved at the end of January, then a conference with myself, their music teachers, administration, and support staff is required for both parents and students to talk about additional intervention. 
    5. If the student continues to struggle thereafter, then we will implement an improvement plan on behalf of the guidance team, mental health support team, and the music department. 
    6. If an additional conference is needed, then we may discuss if Allegro is the right fit for the student in the coming years. 
    We want to thank parents for their continued support in making Allegro a challenging and engaging place to learn. Please be assured that we recognize that all students learn at a different pace. As long as the student enjoys studying music and puts forth their best effort, then we are happy to accommodate their learning needs. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to reach out to me: rdarling@allegrocharterschool.org
    Rebecca Darling