• Naviance is a program purchased by CCSD that will allow students to

    • Explore and compare colleges and careers
    • Request Transcripts
    • Discover their strengths and talents
    • Explore careers that match their strengths

    Logging into Naviance Family Connection:

    1. Go to http://connection.naviance.com/rbstallhs
    2. Your Username is the first 3 letters of your last name, followed by the first three letters of your first name, followed by the last 4 digits of your student ID number (smitom3211)
    3. Your password is your student ID number
    4. Click the Log In button

    College Search/Requesting Transcripts:

    1. Click on College tab
    2. Click on Colleges I’m Thinking About
    3. If you want to apply to a school, check the box and click Move to Application List
    4. To request a transcript click Request and Add Applications
    5. There are many different ways to search colleges under this tab! Explore options! Click on schools to get information on admissions, financial aid, majors and degrees, and student life.

    Complete SuperMatch College Task:

    1. SuperMatch College Search should appear under “What’s New” after you log-in. If it does not appear:
    2. Click My Planner tab
    3. ClickTasks Assigned to Me tab
    4. Click Complete SuperMatch College Search
    5. Click on College Link
    6. Complete SuperMatch
    7. Explore colleges that result from your search
    8. Colleges can be Pinned to compare with other schools
    9. If you are interested in a school click Add to Colleges I’m Thinking About
    10. Save your search to come back later


    1. Click on College tab
    2. Click on Scholarship List and National Scholarship Search to explore scholarships