• family reading

    You don't have to stop learning and reading because we are out of school! This is the PERFECT time to explore new books, resources and all that MackinVIA and the public libraries have to offer online! 

    Access this site to find all of our Read Alouds, eBooks, digital resources, Reading Challenge, Recommendations and more!


    READ ALOUDS- Read alouds are valuable for students of all ages. They build fluency, expand vocabulary, expose students to additional books, and create a love of reading. We have options for both live and recorded read alouds.

    eBooks- Students have access to many high quality ebooks and audiobooks at home

    Exploring- CCSD students have access to the same digital resources at home through Clever that they have at school. They can continue to explore and learn with CCSD's extensive collection of digital resources.

    Spring Reading Challenge- Challenge yourself to read widely this spring. Have some fun with these Reading BINGO boards. Recommended reading lists are also provided.

    Sharing Recommendations- Everyone loves to hear about new books! This is an opportunity for students to share their recommendations by recording a short FlipGrid video.

    Ask a Librarian- You still have access to a certified librarian for questions about research, book recommendations, or other needed information