• Pre-Payment Options

    Charleston County School District offers a system for parents to track what their children are purchasing in the school cafeteria through our partner website, K12PaymentCenter.

    K12PaymentCenter provides access to a 45-day history of what students are buying for breakfast and lunch. It also provides parents 24/7 access to their student’s meal history and financial information.

    Parents can use the secure site to prepay for school meals, track food purchases, and have the assurance of knowing lunch money they send from home actually makes it to school.  If a child’s account becomes low on funds, parents receive low balance alerts by e-mail. 

    Using K12PaymentCenter removes the stress that comes with making sure children have money for lunch and helps ensure they are making good nutritional choices.

    For more information, parents may contact the CCSD Nutrition Services office at 843-566-8180 or go to K12PaymentCenter to register.

    K12PaymentCenter Registration Instructions

    1. Visit K12PaymentCenter  online
    2. Click on "register now" then choose "start registration"
    3. Advantages to the system are:
      1. A low flat fee of $1.95 for payments under $100. There is a 2.99% fee for payments over $100 dollars.
      2. Low balance notification by email
      3. Ability to view your child’s account history and check balances

    Or visit the CCSD prepay page at https://ccsdschoolmeals.com/index.php?sid=1564518747425&page=prepaidacct