• The ABCs of JBE                                                                                                

      Family Handbook 




     4th & 5th grade students apply for this leadership program in the fall and if selected are responsible for activities such as morning/dismissal announcements, arrival and dismissal guards, lunch duty patrol, and flag duty.




    6:50AM                Car rider drop-off begins. If your family chooses to be car riders, please arrive as early as possible.  Please be very aware of pedestrians,

    and other cars (no cell phones) and pull all the way forward as quickly and as safely as possible.

    Do not block the entrance to the Kindergarten annex parking lot.

    Stay in the line (do not pull out of the line once your child has exited your car).

                    Have your child ready to open their door and jump out (backpacks on, etc).

    Do not park and walk your child up to the school .


    7:00AM                Bus riders enter via the southside entrance.

    Bus riders alleviate car rider traffic and arrive in time to get breakfast! Please consider this option for your family.


    7:00AM Walkers & bike riders

    The gate to the neighborhood behind the school will be open until 7:20.

    Walkers & bike riders enter via the southside  entrance by the bus lane.

    Students are not allowed to enter classrooms directly via back doors.


                                  Only students may enter via these entrances. All adults must enter via the front office door.


    7:25AM  Tardy bell rings and all doors close. Any student arriving after the bell rings must enter via the front office door with a parent and get a

    tardy pass.

                    Please work to help your child have a stress free morning by arriving in plenty of time to be in their seat ready to learn by 7:25.

    Arrival & Dismissal Traffic Flow
    Do not pass stopped traffic and drive on the wrong side of the road. Mt. Pleasant Police will patrol for this dangerous action routinely.

     All traffic coming from Highway 17 will enter Von Kolnitz Rd. via Hospital Drive.
     All traffic coming from Whipple Rd.and North Mathis Ferry Rd. will enter Von Kolnitz Rd. via Hospital Dr.
     All traffic coming from South Mathis Ferry Rd. will enter Von Kolnitz Dr. directly from Mathis  Ferry Rd.
     There should be no school traffic making a left hand turn onto Von Kolnitz Dr. from Mathis Ferry Rd.













    All car line traffic must enter through the front loop of the school.

    Visitor parking spots in front of the school are only for parking to volunteer, attend a conference, or sign a student out.

    Do not use these spots for morning drop off, parents are not allowed to park and walk their student up to the building.


    2:05 PM Child Development (CD) car rider students are dismissed

    2:25PM   Staggered dismissal begins:  Buses & CarsUnsupported image type.After School Program PickupsUnsupported image type.Walkers and bike riders

    • CD-K students will have a red bus tag with their street address and subdivision name attached to their bookbag. Red tag students sit in the front of the bus and are only allowed to get off the bus with a sibling if there is no adult present and parents have signed the waiver, otherwise students are brought back to the school.  If a red tag student has an older sibling they are allowed to sit together.  ALL bus riders will receive an animal sticker, to match the animal tag on their bus.

    The buses are labeled:



    • During car rider dismissal, students are at voice level 0 and actively listen to announcements and watch the display board in the class for their number/name and cone number.
      • We have ‘buckle up’ parking spots alongside the exit of the car rider line. Please pull over there if your child needs help getting buckled in, rather than getting out of your car in the line.
      • Talking on the patio distracts students from their task, slows down the car rider line, and causes adults to have to raise their voices. Please do not park and walk to the car rider patio area and ask to get your child or chat with teachers.
    • You are welcome to walk to the school to get your child, but please submit this change in the transportation change form to dismiss your child as a walker.
    • Walkers & bike riders dismiss via the bus entrance (by the bike rack).
    • During afternoon car rider pick-up, you must have an official JBE car tag.These will be available when paying student fees etc., but could also be requested anytime later.  The car tag will have a number for your family.  Each family will have one Car tag number for all siblings.  If you do not have  your car tag, you will be pulled out of line to check your identification against your child’s emergency/ Powerschool information.
    • If your child’s dismissal will be different than normal, please do not send in a note (which can get lost) or an email to the teacher (which might not be read during the school day) with the change in dismissal, but instead submit the transportation change form by 1:30 the day of the change. This link can be found on the school website.
    • Students are not allowed to be signed-out past 1:30 p.m.


    In order for your child to reach their fullest potential, they need to be at school and in their seat on time each day (by 7:25 a.m.) so that they do not miss crucial instruction.
    Charleston County has Attendance and Truancy Policies which are clearly written. The district has a Truancy Officer who assesses schools to determine if all absences are documented. We are accountable for following up on student attendance and tardiness issues.


    Important facts about CCSD’s Attendance and Truancy Policy:

    • All absences are classified as either lawful or unlawful and all absences, regardless of the classification, must be documented.
    • Lawful excused absences include: student illness, serious illness of immediate family member, death of a family member, religious holidays, and suspension.
    • Lawful unexcused absences include: absence as a result of an extracurricular activity that’s not approved or requested by the administration, those suspended from the bus and do not report to school, those who go to appointments that could be made outside of school hours, and student illnesses in excess of ten days that are not substantiated by medical statement.
    • Unlawful absences include: students who are absent from school without acceptable cause with the knowledge of the parents (example- vacations and accompanying parents on business trips) and those willfully absent without the knowledge of parents. Unlawful absences are ALWAYS unexcused.
    •  Teachers are not required to allow students to make up work missed during an unexcused absence.
    • A written and signed excuse (not email) is required for all absences in all of the categories mentioned above. There are no exceptions. Failure to submit proper documentation will require the school to recommend the intervention of a truancy officer. 
    • If a truancy conference is scheduled, failure to meet and adhere to the attendance improvement plan will result in a referral to the Department of Alternative Program and Services social worker. 
    • Ten is the magic number! After 10 absences a student may be retained in his/her current grade.
    • To receive the “Perfect Attendance” award, students must have 0 absences and no more than 3 tardies.
    • Perfect Attendance Students will earn an invitation to the Perfect Attendance Ice Cream Sundae Party held after the first semester.
    • The class that has the best attendance & fewest tardies will also earn a celebration/treat ie. popcorn, ice pops with an extra recess.
    • christie_davies@charleston.k12.sc.us and jennifer_simpkins@charleston.k12.sc.us  are the contact people for JBE attendance.


    Additional information concerning the Charleston County School District attendance policy is included in the CCSD Code of Conduct.


    Each morning begins with a Morning Meeting. A time for greetings and activities designed for every student to be seen and heard and feel welcome in their classroom community. It is also the structure in which “2nd Step” lessons are taught. “2nd Step” is the social & emotional curriculum in which every CD-5th grade student participates in songs, videos, and guided discussions to help students acquire skills for learning and getting along in a social setting. “2nd Step” ‘Parent Links’ will be sent home and we ask that you review them with your children.

    Please visit www.secondstep.org to set up a family account for extra resources. The code is SSP3FAMILY73.


    To build a positive classroom environment, students and teachers collaboratively create rules or agreements that fall into three categories: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe

    • JBE supports Charleston County School District’s use of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS).
    • The expectations of behavior for different areas of the school are articulated in the  PBIS Matrix and are posted, taught, and reinforced to students in each class and throughout the school.
    • We encourage families to create their own rules or agreements based on being responsible, being respectful, and being safe.
    • We acknowledge our students through compliments and shoutouts for positive behaviors. 





    Consequences are meant to teach and shape behavior and are logical, restorative, and progressive.

     For example:


    • Reteach expected behavior from matrix
    • Review agreements
    • Limit play area at recess
    • Take a break
    • Classroom Reflection Sheet
    • Visual or verbal cues
    • Increased proximity


    • Apology letter
    • Contact parents




    If disruptive behavior (such as making noises that distract other learners, not finishing work, horseplay, inappropriate behavior, running, throwing objects, etc.) continues despite interventions, students will be referred to administration. Behavior resulting in referral to administration is serious. Administration will conference with the student and contact parents. One or more of the following actions may occur:


    • Phone call to parent
    • Restitution
    • Student sent home
    • In-school suspension
    • Parent conference
    • Out-of-school suspension


    Be sure to read the Code of Conduct and if you have any questions or concerns, or you need a hard copy, please contact Ms. Fountain or Mrs. Simpkins.

    To help eliminate loss of or damage to toys, iPods, iPads, or valuables, students are not to bring these items to school - even for show and tell. If a different expectation is needed for a particular situation, your child's teacher will let you know.

    James B. Edwards’ students are an exceptional group of young people and we recognize and encourage exemplary behavior and character through the Leader of the Month program, shout outs on the news show, Egret Tickets, and earning House Points.

    However, our goal is to develop intrinsically motivated humans, therefore, extrinsic rewards such as food and trinkets are used sparingly.


    Students are encouraged to ride bicycles to school. Students must dismount and walk their bike as soon as they reach the campus for safety: to avoid possible injury to self and others. Bikes are to remain in the racks (behind the 5th grade pod) until students have been dismissed for the day.  The school cannot be responsible for lost bicycles. Locks and other precautionary measures are the responsibility of parents and students.


    To celebrate, your child will hear their name & a happy birthday wish on the morning announcements, receive a special birthday pencil, and we
    encourage you to honor your student by purchasing a “Birthday Book Club” book for our library. A gift plate with your child’s name and birthdate will be placed on the inside cover of the book and placed in the library for others to enjoy. Order forms go home the first week of school. Please contact heidi_benton@charleston.k12.sc.us if you have any questions.
    We have one celebration for all the birthdays of that month on the last
    Friday of the month (summer birthdays are celebrated in August). Room parents are welcome to coordinate sending one individual treat per student to be eaten at lunch on that day. Please save balloons, flowers, etc. for home celebrations.


    Each grade level creates a school supply list of materials needed for the year. The JBE PTO provides the wonderful service of ordering the supplies and distributing them to the classroom.  Order forms are sent out in the spring.  For families who do not buy supply kits in the spring, the supply lists are posted on the school website and Facebook page.

    Instructional fees are due at the beginning of the school year.  We encourage you to take advantage of the RevTrack link on the website to pay these instructional fees. Otherwise, please make checks payable to James B. Edwards Elementary and return to your child’s teacher. Every effort will be made to collect all fee money. jamesbedwardselementary.revtrak.net/ This money is used to buy consumable supplies not included in (or to refill items from) the school supply list and might include items such as desk name plates, construction paper, extra pencils, special workbooks, etc.


    If a student transfers out of JBE, all state textbooks and library books must be returned.

    All lost book fees must be paid. Separate checks must be written for each child in a family for fees and lost books.


    Breakfast begins at 7:00 AM.

    Each classroom has a daily snack time.  Please send a small, healthy snack and water bottle with your child every day.
    July 1st, families are urged to apply for the program. Families that complete the free and reduced meal application receive other benefits (discounts on Internet service fees, college application fees, SAT fees) and school funding is increased to ensure students receive the support they need.
    Please visit www.lunchapplication.com for more information or to apply.

    Riding the school bus is a privilege that can be revoked if rules are not followed. Unfortunately, parents are often more inconvenienced than children when bus-riding privileges have been revoked. Please review  the rules below with your child:
    1. Be at the bus stop on time.  *10 minutes before your assigned bus route.
    2. Act appropriately on the bus and do not push, fight, or use unacceptable language.
    3. Listen to and follow the bus driver's directions.

    Mrs. Simpkins will handle all reported bus incidents and contact parents with bus issues.  CCSD’s Bus Progressive Discipline Plan


    JBE Bus Rider Parents, Steps for First Student Bus Rider Success:

    1. Have your current address on student paperwork and entered into the Powerschool system. 
    2. Find the closest bus stop to your address. Bus routes and stops are located at https://www.ccsdschools.com/transportation  Or: https://firststudentinc.com/
    3. Sign up for the delayed bus notification sign up using the Firstview App.  This is located at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jWGGNUeGXl0D1Gf_QdTrRSrQ-ooQKHvmVmFjNyA9C8k/edit  The School Code is : GBMW
    4. If the parent gives permission for a younger sibling (younger than 1st grade) to walk home with a 2nd grader or older child, you must print, complete, and turn in the “The Red Tag Sibling Permission Form.”  Located:  https://www.ccsdschools.com/cms/lib/SC50000504/Centricity/domain/118/transportation/Red%20Tag%20Sibling%20Permission%20Form.pdf
    5. Any bus complaints are entered by the parent at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdBFA497ScWPMjIkVhZH5Siyjno6VrRaACSmL5OIMzttLj3bw/viewform


    SCHOOL BUS CONCERNS: First Student Bus Services
    Phone: Mt. Pleasant/McClellanville

    Cario Lot 843-823-3905 or 843-823-3909



    The JBE cafeteria is to be regarded in the same manner as a restaurant. The cafeteria should at all times be a neat, clean, and pleasant place. Lunch is a time to develop friendships and refuel for the learning ahead. Students are expected to socialize with those near them at their table only.  Students are to be at a volume level zero when music is playing and focus on eating.


    CELL PHONES, Smart Watches, Gizmos & Gadgets for Communication
    Cell phones, smart watches, etc. are not permitted to be used during school hours, and it is highly recommended that children not bring them to school. Student communication to parents should not happen during the instructional day (including email) unless it is approved by teachers beforehand.  Should a student need to contact a parent during school hours, the regular school phone lines should be used.

    If a parent sends a child to school with a phone, it must be stored in the bookbag and in the “off mode” during school hours (this is also CCSD’s policy). Teachers are instructed to collect cell phones/devices that are seen or heard during school hours, and parents will be required to come to the school and personally retrieve the items. The school staff and administration will not be responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of a student’s personal property.


    We welcome parents as chaperones for field trips. In order to ensure a safe environment for JBE students, all individuals serving as a chaperone or volunteer must complete an online application process, which includes a criminal background check, every three years. Here is the link: https://apps.raptorware.com/vsoft/kiosk/volunteerregistration?ClientId=BED981FC-4E5D-462C-9571-56ED013B4F93

    If you choose to attend a trip with your child’s class, please do not bring other children with you. As a chaperone, you will serve in a supervision role for James B. Edwards students and this will require your utmost attention to  them; please stay off cell phones.

    Chaperones must return to James B. Edwards with the class.  Children of chaperones may not be signed out from field trips, but must return to the school for the remainder of the day.



    In order to ensure your child’s academic and social growth, open parent-staff communication is essential.

    If you have concerns about any aspect of your child’s education or classroom environment, please communicate with the teacher.

    To speak to a teacher in person between 6:50am -2:45pm you must schedule a meeting with the teacher.

    For general JBE concerns, not pertaining to your child’s classroom, please email Ms. Fountain at robin_fountain@charleston.k12.sc.us



    CD ELA: Creative Curriculum 

    CD Phonemic Awareness: Heggerty

    CD-5 Math: Bridges  

    CD-5 Social Emotional Learning:  Second Step.

    K-2 Phonics & Word Analysis: Orton Gillingham 

    K-5 ELA: EL Education

    JBE follows CCSD’s curriculum that has been developed by district instructional specialists and is aligned to the SCCCR standards and supports research based instructional practices.

    Adaptive Digital Content: iReady


    In addition to very strong curricular programs, our grade levels meet weekly in professional learning communities to plan, analyze student work, and discuss student concerns led by our phenomenal instructional coach, Holly Price. You are welcome to contact Ms. Price with any questions regarding curriculum holly_price@charleston.k12.sc.us


    Parents are discouraged from making appointments for students during school hours, however, if your child must leave school early due to extenuating circumstances, please send a signed note to school that morning.

    Students will only be released only to parents, legal guardians, or contacts listed on the emergency card.  Picture identification will be required to sign a student out of school.

    Parents are not allowed to sign students out after 1:30 unless previously approved by an administrator.


    It is essential that the office can reach you in an emergency.

    • Parents must register students each year and notify the school anytime there is a change in information (i.e. new phone number).
    • We must have the names and telephone numbers of multiple  people we can contact in case of an emergency.
    • If necessary in an emergency, EMS will be called when no one listed in PowerSchool can be reached.

    Should an emergency dismissal be necessary for any reason, your child will be dismissed following their normal routine (bus, car, etc.)

    • CCSD or JBE will broadcast a phone and email message should an emergency early dismissal be required.


    Charleston County policy prohibits soliciting on school grounds as well as using the school as a means for advertising for businesses. Therefore, we are unable to send home flyers/advertisements. An exception will continue to be the Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation offerings and any CCSD or community sponsored (non-profit) activity that the administration feels would benefit our students.


    All JBE students take French (3xs/week CD-3rd grade & 2xs/week 3rd-5th grade).  Research shows that learning another language increases cognitive skills and helps students (regardless of academic ability or demographics) improve in other academic areas. French is the official language of the Olympics and the United Nations.  Learning French helps broaden our students’ horizons and reduces prejudice toward people who are different.



    The school counselor at James B. Edwards supports the same goals of academic and personal social development that teachers and administrators advocate. Guidance is an integral part of the educational program and primarily consists of:

    Classroom guidance (emphasis on social & emotional knowledge and skills- Second Step)

    Targeted small group intervention as needed. (Examples- dealing with anxiety, conflict resolution, coping with divorce)

    Parent education

    Crisis intervention
    Assistance with implementing student behavioral management plans


    The Kaleidoscope After School Program will again be offered to our students through CCSD’s Office of Expanded Learning. Enrollment is based on availability. The fee schedule and registration packets are available in the Kaleidoscope office. Daily hours are from 2:25 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. The program will begin on the first day of school. 

    Director: Austin Smith austin_smith@charleston.k12.sc.us



    The staff at JBE work to maintain a healthy environment to decrease transmission of communicable disease by frequent, thorough hand-washing, by cleaning/sanitizing surfaces, and by assessing children who appear ill. We follow sickness guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, MUSC, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). A full time RN, Nancy O’Donahugh, attends to the immediate needs of sick and injured children.  Nurse Nancy  can be reached at 843-849-2805 ext. 65648.


    Each student should have an accurate, up-to-date Health Information Card on file with the nurse in the clinic. In addition, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control requires specific vaccinations for students based on their age and grade. It is very important to check with your doctor and make an appointment for your child to receive any required vaccinations. Proof of immunizations must be provided to the school, and forgetting to schedule vaccinations may prevent your student from returning to school on time at the beginning of the year!

    If your child has any ongoing medical conditions (asthma, seizures, allergies, diabetes), please submit a Care Plan completed by his/her

    healthcare provider.


    At JBE, our first priority is the safety of our children.  Because we know that an undiagnosed allergy can present for the first time while a student is at school, and because we are unable to confidently assess the allergen content of lunches brought from home, JBE is an “Allergy Aware School.” We expect all staff and all students to be alert and take care of each other.

    • The school nurse trains all staff members in how to detect an allergic reaction and what to do in the event of one, including how to use an EpiPen.
    • The school nurse visits all classrooms to teach students about what an allergy is, how to detect an allergic reaction, and how to keep friends safe (no food sharing is allowed).
    • Every cafeteria table has a section where students with documented allergies can sit. Students buying lunch from the cafeteria can sit next to students with known allergies, but students with lunch from home fill up the opposite end of the table first.
    • The allergy section of the table is cleaned between each class by a member of our custodial team.
    • Students are instructed to wash their hands after lunch.
    • Classrooms with documented cases of life-threatening food allergies are “No Peanut/Tree Nut Zones.” We ask all families in these rooms to only send nut free snacks with their child, to reduce cross-contact in the classroom.
    • We encourage students to be advocates for their health and to recognize and report any symptoms of an allergic reaction. Please contact Nurse Nancy if your child has a notable allergy. An Allergy Care Plan completed by your child’s healthcare provider will be kept on file at school.

    Health Screenings
    JBE’s school nurse conducts routine health screenings, which include vision and hearing screenings.



    Head lice is a nuisance, not a medical emergency and should not disrupt a student’s educational process. Students diagnosed with head lice will not be sent home early from school, however a parent must accompany the child to school and provide proof of treatment. If live lice are still present, the parent must take the child home for further treatment/removal.  The CCSD protocol follows the guidelines of the National Association of School Nurses, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC.  One thing to remember is that a louse is unable to live more than 48 hours without a host, so each Monday morning, our building is lice-free.



    Over-the-counter medication can be administered to students with parental permission. The permission form can be downloaded and printed from the Nursing Services  section of the district website. OTC medications shall be sent to school in the original manufacturer’s container. The manufacturer’s label must include the name of the medication (brand or generic), strength of medication and instructions for use.

     Prescription medications must be brought to school in the original container labeled with the student’s name, date, name of medication, name of prescribing physician, dosage, time(s) the medication is to be given, and name of pharmacy filling the prescription, and the doctor’s orders must be on file. 


    Sickness Guidelines:

    Please keep your child home if they exhibit the following symptoms:

    • Fever of 100 o F or higher
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Severe Coughing
    • Eye discharge- mucus or pus draining from the eye or pink eye
    • Change in behavior- lethargy, inability to focus


    Sleep Guidelines:

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

    • children 3-5 years old get 10-13 hours of sleep 
    • children 6-12 years old get 9-12 hours of sleep


    Sun Safety:

    Thankfully, JBE has many beautiful oak trees which provide a good amount of shade and we have a Sunshade on the CD/K playground, however, we encourage families to follow sun safety guidelines.

    • Apply a “broad-spectrum” sunscreen of at least 15 SPF before coming to school (teachers won’t be able to apply during the day).
    • Wear a hat with a 3-inch brim to shield the face, ears, and back of the neck during recess (students are not allowed to wear hats inside the building).
    • Wear sunglasses with at least 99% UV protection at recess.




    One purpose of homework is for students  to practice and use what they have learned. 

    The other purpose of homework is to help students become disciplined, organized and able to set priorities.

    Time guidelines:

    Grade                                    Maximum Nightly Minutes                             Maximum Weekly Minutes

    Kindergarten                                         15                                                           60

    1st & 2nd grade                                   20                                                           80

    3rd grade                                                               30                                                           120

    4th grade                                                               40                                                           160

    5th grade                                                               50                                                           200

    If your child is unable to complete the homework in the time outlined, please write the teacher a note.

    We do not want children spending all evening on homework assignments.


    Please help establish a consistent, organized place for homework to be done and a schedule for completing homework.

    Encourage, motivate, and prompt your child, but do not do the homework for them (unless the teacher indicates that the assignment is a family activity).


    All students visit Kenny Seamon’s Greenhouse throughout the year and participate in classes facilitated by The Lowcountry Sustainability Program volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please let the front office know! 



    The JBE house system is based on the British University system and was popularized by the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. The purpose is to promote character, build community within our school, and inspire our students!

    Each student is assigned to a house. Each JBE House is associated with one of our Principles of Leadership.

    Maison des Collaborateurs (House of collaborators)

    Maison des Rêveurs (House of dreamers)

    Maison des Travailleurs (House of workers)

    Maison des Gardiens (House of guardians)


    The entire system is based on lifting our students up and highlighting positive social and academic behaviors. Students will be able to earn points for their House by making good choices, showing kindness, and much more. Click here to learn more!


    All  adults in the building ( staff, visitors, volunteers, substitutes, etc.) must wear identification badges.

    • All non-staff members must check in with the office and receive an identification badge.
    • Teachers will not permit parents or other visitors to enter their classroom without required identification.
    • Staff members are expected to ask any adult without identification to please check in with the office.


    Please give your child all necessary instructions and items at home. The office will only interrupt a class during instructional time for emergency situations. Telephone messages other than those of an urgent or emergency nature, cannot be delivered to students. If forgotten water bottles, books, etc. are brought from home to be delivered to a student, they will be delivered by office staff during non-instructional time.



    The JBE library operates a flexible schedule.  In line with the American Association of School Libraries principle “Access for All”, students and staff may visit the library throughout the day to check out materials using self-service kiosks.  JBE library currently offers 7700 materials in circulation to students and staff.  JBE library is open to families  from 6:30 am to 7:00 am Monday through Friday.  During this time, families may check out books and use the computers to access CCSD sponsored online learning programs. The teacher librarian’s primary duties include:

    • Designing standards-based lessons that develop students’ reading, critical thinking, and information skills
    • Collaborating with teachers and students to teach engaging, standards-based lessons
    • Creating an open environment that promotes active learning and supports inquiry
    • Maintaining a diverse and current library collection to meet students’ academic and recreational reading needs


    Label all clothing and possessions. JBE has a Lost and Found area in the cafeteria; please encourage your child to check there if he/she has lost any item, or you may sign in at the office and visit the Lost and Found. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity monthly. 


    MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) TESTING
    Students in Grades 2-5 will take MAP  in the fall, winter, and spring. The test is untimed and the results give teachers diagnostic and prescriptive data regarding students’ instructional needs. MAP data is used to differentiate instruction and to group children for instruction based on their common strengths and weaknesses.

    Regardless of a student’s achievement level (whether they are at the 2nd percentile or 99th percentile), we want our JBE students to grow as much as possible. By the end of each year, the cumulative test data will measure the extent of growth in student achievement.

    In what other ways are these MAP scores helpful?  MAP data provides a reading Lexile Level for each child. To ensure that students are challenged, they should read books on, or around, their Lexile range.
    What if the test is too difficult or too easy for my child? The test is adaptive, meaning that a child’s response to one question will actually
    determine the difficulty of the question that follows. Throughout the test, the questions will become more or less difficult. Students should expect to see questions that seem easy and questions that they are unable to answer. 

    Who oversees the testing? Your child’s teacher, along with a MAP testing proctor will oversee the testing.

    Will I receive MAP Reports regarding my child’s performance? Yes, your child’s teacher will send you a report after each testing period. It does,
    however, take a few weeks after completion of the test to generate the reports to be sent home.


    If you grant permission for your child’s picture to appear in the media (yearbook, JBE News Show, JBE website, newspaper, TV, videos, etc.) as part of positive media coverage for our school, please check yes on the emergency card.

    If you need to deny media, please mark no and we will send an “Opt Out of Media” form home for you to sign.




    MTSS is a multi-tiered system of support that helps JBE evaluate the need for and provide the necessary support for all students to be successful in all areas (academic, social-emotional learning, and mental health).  The MTSS team consists of administrators, school counselor, school psychologist, instructional coach, and classroom teachers.

    Find out more about MTSS by clicking here.


    Parents and legal guardians have the legal right to inspect their child’s/children’s permanent records. This inspection must occur in the presence of a school official and the records may not be removed from the school. Non-Custodial parents also have the legal right to access records unless a court order indicates the contrary.



    These principles guide how we interact with each other and the world around us.

    Leaders are responsible.

    I make healthy choices for my body and my mind.  

    I manage my feelings and develop skills for calming down when anxious, angry, or frustrated.  

    I am confident and communicate my needs. 

    I take responsibility for the mistakes I make and I work to repair the damage I have done. 

    Leaders work hard.

     I take learning seriously. I am determined and have true grit!

    When things don’t go my way, I try again, and again, and again.

    I choose work that challenges me because that is how I get stronger. 

    I have a growth mindset. I seek feedback from others to improve my work.

    Leaders plan for success.

    I dream big.  I set goals for myself and make an action plan to meet those goals. 

    I measure my growth along the way and can be flexible and adjust my plan when things don’t go as expected. 

    I celebrate the growth I make and I encourage others to meet their goals as well.

    Leaders respect others.

    I actively listen to understand people’s feelings, beliefs, and ideas, because diversity is our strength. 

    I use both my words and body language to make others feel comfortable and appreciated. 

    I am a peacemaker when others have conflict.

    Leaders collaborate.

    When we work together, the finished product is more powerful than what any of us could have done alone. 

    I listen to others’ ideas and share my own.  I bring people together to find positive solutions to problems.

    Leaders make the world a better place.

    I share my talents.  I look for ways to help others. 

    I am a contributing citizen that serves my community.  I am a good steward of the environment.



    Report card grades communicate a student’s achievement in relation to the SC State Curriculum standards.  Report cards and spring MAP reports will be filed in each child’s permanent record.

    • In grades 3 and 4, if a student’s quarterly or yearly average is less than a 60, a 60 will be recorded on the report card with the following note: “Actual average is lower than 60” in the comments and a parent conference will be requested.
    • However, in grade 5 the numerical average based on the teacher’s grade book will be posted on the report card even if it is below a 60.



    Progress Reports and Report Cards will be sent home quarterly.


    Student-Led Conferences

    All families will have a data conference scheduled in the fall.

    Additional conferences may be scheduled in advance with your child's teacher.

    Please do not conference with teachers while they are teaching, supervising children, or on duty.


    Fire drills, severe weather drills, and lockdown drills are an important safety precaution. Students should remain on volume level 0.  It is essential that when the signal is given, everyone is able to hear directions and obey promptly.


    Optional student accident insurance is available. If you are interested in purchasing this, please request the forms from our front office.

    This is only offered at the beginning of each school year.


    The speech and language clinician provides services for students with disorders in articulation, voice, language and fluency. In addition to direct therapy to students, the clinician also screens speech and resource referrals and provides consultation for classroom teachers.

    A variety of activities are sponsored by the school and its staff. Assemblies are conducted for both educational and entertainment purposes and are considered part of the academic program. Students are taught expectations for assembly behavior (JBE matrix).


    James B. Edwards Elementary School actively integrates technology into curriculum and instruction.  All students at JBE work with robots and learn to communicate with them through coding. Our youngest students CD through second grade apply directional language of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns with BeeBots. Third and fourth graders employ block coding with Sphero Edu to enforce algorithms, sequencing, loops and cause and effect.  Fifth grade is introduced to  text coding (Java Script) with Sphero Edu. 


    Teachers at our school participate in ongoing professional development in technology. We are a one-to-one school, meaning there is a device for every K-5 student in the building.  Grades CD - 2 have iPads and grades 3 - 5 have Chromebooks.  Our library has 6 computers and is open each morning by 6:30. Parents may use the computers in the library to check the parent portal, their student’s Google classroom, or to give their student access to digital content.

    If a student will be transferring to another school, the parent must notify the teacher and the office in writing. The new school is responsible for requesting  permanent records.


    The uniform policy was created by the JBE School Improvement Council in 2015 and was intended to increase school pride and keep students’ focus on learning and not on what others are wearing.  For this reason, uniforms should only be purchased through the school or approved vendor. The uniform policy applies to all students in CD through 5th grade. Teachers are expected to enforce our policy. Parents will be called in to school if students do not come in proper uniform attire.

    To order uniforms, visit: https://www.jbeone.org/uniforms

    If you need uniform assistance, please contact our school counselor, christina_bottomley@charleston.k12.sc.us

    Tops- Students must wear a navy or light blue, or green JBE T-shirt, JBE collared shirt, or JBE dress. Any shirt worn under a uniform shirt must be solid white, light blue, or navy. However, any JBE shirt (“vintage”, event shirts, etc.) may be worn on Friday. 


    Bottoms- All bottoms must be free of large logos, lettering, and graphics

    • Students may wear solids, stripes, plaid, polka dots, or other prints.
    • Bottoms must be at least fingertip length.


    Cool Weather/Chilly Classroom Gear- Students may wear a JBE sweatshirt, JBE fleece, or a solid white or navy sweater, sweatshirt or fleece in the classroom.  Jackets and coats, however, are to be worn outdoors only and do not have to be uniform.


    Field Trip Uniforms- Students are Global Leaders in the community and teachers may request specific attire for field trips.


    Other Dress Code Information

    —Hats and hoods may not be worn in the building.

    —Oversized shirts, jackets, and coats are not permitted.

    —Spaghetti straps are not permitted.

    —Oversized pants, jeans, sweat pants, or shorts are not permitted.

    —Shorts and skirts must reach the end of the student’s longest finger while hands are at his/her sides.

    —Sneakers must be tied or secured with Velcro. All shoes must be secured with a back strap. Flip Flops are not permitted.

    —Wearing any attire, including jewelry, which may cause a disruption in learning or which may become a safety threat is not appropriate.

    —All clothing must be appropriate for school as deemed by the school administration.


    Several “No Uniform” days and theme days will be announced throughout the year. Thank you for supporting the uniform policy.


    We love our JBE families!  In order to ensure a safe environment for JBE students, all individuals serving as a chaperone or volunteer must complete an online application process, which includes a criminal background check, every three years. Here is the link: https://apps.raptorware.com/vsoft/kiosk/volunteerregistration?ClientId=BED981FC-4E5D-462C-9571-56ED013B4F93


    When visiting or volunteering, stop by the school office upon arrival.

    You will receive an identification sticker/badge to wear while you are at school.

    For the safety of our children, teachers are required to enforce our visitor badge policy.

    If a classroom observation is desired, please coordinate with the Administration.

    If you need to speak to a teacher, please email your teacher to schedule a conference in advance. Beginning at 7am, teachers are fully occupied in welcoming students, morning work, etc. and are not available to talk to parents during arrival.