• Keep Your Kids Safe Online

    NetSmartz Internet Safety -- These are some really good guidelines for parents to use to make sure that their kids are safe while they use the Internet. Make sure you understand these rules and teach them to your children. Parents cannot be too careful with their children's Internet safety.


    Kids Health Internet Safety -- Developing good Internet skills is critical for learning. Parents can use this source to make sure they understand the hazards on the Internet and keep their children safe. Knowledge is power.


    IKeepSafe -- This site has some great resources to teach children about Internet safety.


    A Guide to Digital Citizenship and Cyber Laws -- This site provides detailed information that parents need to know to keep themselves and their children save online.

  • Help Your Children Become Life-Long Learners

    Education: This is an education and child development site for parents. Find information about how to help your child become the best student possible.


    Reading is Fundamenta: This organization's mission is to promote literacy through motivating parents, children, and families.


    Set Facebook Settings for Your Child: Kids these days are using social networking at a young age. It is crucial that parents are aware of what their kids are doing when they are on the Internet. Here is a tutorial to help you make sure that the only ones who see your child's Facebook data are the ones you want to see it.

    Best Books for Kids: Do you wonder what books are the favorites for kids of all ages? Check out this page from Parents magazine.


    Homework Help: Sometimes parents do not know where to begin when helping their children with homework. This site has some very helpful ideas and tips.