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    Check out the CCSD Career & Technology Education page for information and opportunities. Great for students interested in Work-based Learning during the Summer.



    Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics (GSSM) in Hartsville, SC 

    2021 summer camp opportunities for rising 6th through 10th grade students

    The GSSM Summer Camp Viewbook 2021 can be found on our website www.scgssm.org/camps 

    Financial assistance deadline was April 15, 2021 for these programs. If applying after April 15, please check with the camp director to see if aid is still available.



    APPLY TODAY @ https://www.scgssm.org/camps


    Virtual Job Fair

    South Carolina Hospitality Industry

    May 20, 2021, 10am - 2pm



    Two AMAZING summer camp opportunities for your students that we are launching this summer at TTC:

    • The Lowcountry Advanced Manufacturing Institute (LAMI) is a week-long, full-day summer program for rising high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors that will offer them a prestigious opportunity to gain exposure to the extremely diverse world of advanced manufacturing. Activities will include meeting with and hearing from industry leaders, touring local facilities, and using state of the art equipment in the SC Aeronautical Training Center!


      • LAMI is funded through a generous donation from the Bosch Community Fund and a U.S. Department of Defense grant titled BOOMING in STEM.
    • TTC is also hosting a series of week-long, full-day STEM Summer Camps for youth ages 7-11 and 12-17. Camps include Coding Robots, Hacking/Cyber, Drones, and more!
      • These STEM Summer Camps are also funded through the BOOMING in STEM grant through the U.S. Department of Defense.


    Attached are flyers with more information about each of these opportunities that can be shared. These camps are FREE to all students who participate; however, we are giving first priority to rural and underserved communities. SPACE IS LIMITED! Students/parents can reach out by calling TTC at 843-574-6152 or emailing STEMgrant@tridenttech.edu (email is the quickest and easiest way to get a response).



    UofSC youth summer camps 2021


     Camps include SAT and ACT prep, Broadway, Dance Conservatory, Band Clinics, Minitorities in Engineering & Computer Science, etc.


    Pharmacy PharmDamental Program

    The MUSC College of Pharmacy PharmDamental Program is specifically designed to engage high school students interested in STEM or healthcare careers. The program will provide a fundamental understanding of the pharmacy profession and introduce students to the many career options available.

    MUSC PharmDamental participants will interact with pharmacists representing a wide range of career opportunities, engage with MUSC College of Pharmacy Student Ambassadors, and meet the dean of the MUSC College of Pharmacy.

    Upon completion of the MUSC College of Pharmacy PharmDamentals program, students will have a more comprehensive understanding of the profession of pharmacy and have fundamental tools to foster their desire to pursue a healthcare career, specifically the profession of pharmacy.

    The 2021 MUSC College of Pharmacy PharmDamentals program will take place virtually on Friday, July 30.

    Register here:  https://redcap.musc.edu/surveys/?s=AJCKW7ETPN


    Junior Girls Day Out
    Virtual Junior Girls Financial Literacy, Business Start-ups & Shark Tank program via Zoom.
    They will have some of the top Financial Experts, Business Gurus and Millionaires from around the southeast and southwest to mentor and instruct the girls. This program was debuted in-person at Georgia State University.

    The FREE virtual program for girls, ages 6-14, runs on Saturdays until July 31st.


    Find the schedule online

    Harvard Ivy Academies 
    Ivy Academies are college application mentorship programs led by Harvard students who are passionate about sharing their personal experiences in navigating the tricky college application process with high school students. They recently wrapped up a successful Winter Program, and are now accepting applications for their Spring Program. 
    The Spring Session will run on May 1, 2021 - July 17, 2021
    Winthrop University


       AMPD- Accounting, Mentorship and Professional Development Program

    • College academic program offered by Winthrop University (WU)
    • Competitive program developed with an accounting firm to increase the number of minorities in the accounting field
    • Students get professional development from fortune 500 companies, special housing, scholarships, accounting mentor, consideration for internships, externships and full-time positions
    • To participate students must identify as an underrepresented minority, have a 3.0 GPA, specific MATH SAT or ACT scores, come to WU for school, participate in extra-curricular activities and study accounting
    • Website- https://www.winthrop.edu/cba/accounting/ampd/
    • Apply- https://www.winthrop.edu/cba/accounting/ampd/apply.aspx
    • FLYER

          No specific deadline 



    The George Washington University

    The Journey to College webpage that contains all of our programs aimed at 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. These sessions are meant to help students prepare for the college exploration and application process no matter where they intend to apply!

    • Navigating Your High School Curriculum: How to pick rigorous courses that work for you
    • Decoding Financial Aid: A broad look at how to pay for college
    • Admissions Counselor for a Day: College admissions case study
    • College Admissions Kahoot!

    Students can use the registration links on the Journey to College site




    Georgetown University Remote Internships

    Summer 2021

    Interested students should contact their School Counselor to be nominated.


    • Advanced Law & Trial Internship (July 5th - 17th, 2021): Participants intern for a DC law firm to create key case arguments and have their work incorporated into the trial, which will be heard in the fall of 2021. Interns work directly with a client and their legal team to draft legal memoranda and develop case arguments. Law interns are given the unique opportunity to work with the ACLU, D.C. Police Officers, prosecutors, and law professors from Georgetown University Law School. Our 2020 cases involved the FBI and the Department of the Interior. The 2021 cases will be announced later this spring. Click here to watch our program video.


    • International Leadership & Business Internship (June 20th - July 3rd, 2021 or July 18th - July 31st, 2021): Participants choose an entrepreneur from the developing world to partner with and develop plans to make their start-up business a reality. During this program, interns learn how to skillfully build a business while simultaneously calculating risk – the essentials of constructing a successful enterprise. Student participants work closely with Georgetown University professors and business professionals to write business plans, develop research skills, as well as learn teamwork, proper oral presentation techniques, and critical communication skills. These experts lead a series of skills-development workshops to help students create a business plan. Interns allocate the seed money to implement their business plans in the fall of 2021. Click here to watch our program video.


    • Advanced Medical & Public Health Internship (July 5th - July 17th, 2021 or August 1st - August 14th, 2021): Participants learn about the four major diseases facing the developing world from doctors and medical professionals from Georgetown University. This knowledge will help interns diagnose a patient in real-time. Medical students also develop public health campaigns to raise awareness and provide prevention methods to communities in need. These public health campaigns will be used throughout Bauchi, Nigeria to improve the understanding of preventable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, interns will receive real medical training in critical skills like suturing, casting, and triaging patients. Finally, students partner with a cadre of experts in surgery, medical research, emergency room medicine, and physical therapy to learn about future medical careers. Click here to watch our program video.


    • Advanced Medical Neuroscience Internship (June 20th - July 3rd, 2021 or July 18th - July 31st, 2021): Participants intern for world-renowned neuroscientist and chief of Georgetown University's neuroethics program, Dr. Jame Giordano. Over the course of two weeks, students participate in cutting-edge neuroscience experiments that explore the biological foundations of the brain, progressing from the cellular foundations of the neuron to an understanding of the sensory systems, and culminating with higher-order cognitive functions such as memory, emotion, and morality. As a final project, students design and propose an experiment related to cognitive neuroscience and neuroethics in order to focus and apply their understanding. Participants present these proposed experiments to leading neuroscientists, with the winning team writing a paper to be published on their theories. Click here to watch our program video.


    • National Security & Intelligence Internship (June 20th - July 3rd, 2021): Participants in this accelerated security training program work directly with national security experts, learn about the latest intelligence and military strategies, and implement these strategies to save lives. Interns meet one-on-one with representatives from all branches of the military, federal agencies, military academies, and private companies to learn about the education and career opportunities available to them in the fields of security and intelligence. 2020 representatives included the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, West Point, the U.S. Department of State, Navy Seals, and the U.S. Air Force Academy. As a final project, interns work in teams to implement what they have learned throughout the program to design and propose a security plan for Jafa Security Firm. Their solutions will protect major areas and institutions within Borno, Nigeria from terrorist groups like Boko Haram.