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    Check out the CCSD Career & Technology Education page for information and opportunities. Great for students interested in Work-based Learning during the Summer.


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    Saturday, April 20, 2024

    The Cybersecurity Awareness workshop is a one day digital and hands on awareness program for 6th-8th grade students, parents, and educators to learn in-demand cyber technology concepts and resolutions. Additionally, our workshops and programs focus on discovering, pursuing, and succeeding in technology through the exposure of technical concepts. Attendees do not need to have any prior technical experience, and all materials will be provided. We ask all attendees at least have a strong desire to learn more about technology.

    In Sponsorship, Partnership with South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and Cyber.org. Lunch will be provided.

    FEES - Free


    Attendees ARE required to be present for the entire duration of the scheduled session on Saturday, April 20, 2024. Therefore, please schedule other appointments for times outside of the workshop hours. Please note that this is NOT an overnight workshop and workshop duration is for only two hours. Three program tracks will be offered simultaneously, each with different curriculum and skill level, providing attendees with the opportunity to understand the technical concept as it best relates to their target group. Lunch will be provided.


    Our program is open to 6th-8th grade students, parents, and educators. No technology experience necessary!

    For more information - https://thenextitgirl.org/events-cybersecurity/

    2024 Cybersecurity Application Deadlines

    • Applications open: Monday, April 1, 2024

    • Applications close: Wednesday, April 17, 2024


    Morris College, Sumter, SC
    Fast Track Summer program
    Looking for seniors who are interested in attending Morris College and those students who have not yet made a decision as to which college to attend.  The Fast Track program is designed to give support to students who are not yet ready for the Rigor of the standard college class and need some academic support.  Students must apply to the college and take their  placement test (ACCUPLACER).  The student must qualify for at least one of the Developmental classes in order to participate in this program.  The student will take three classes.  So they will enter the Fall semester with 9 credit hours.  This program is FREE  to the student.  There is space for 42 students and hope to finalize the selections by April 30, 2024.

    Students who have already selected Morris College are also encouraged to apply to the program.

    USC Columbia's Summer Seniors 2024 

    The Summer Seniors 2024 application is now open. Summer Seniors is an on-campus event we host each summer for high-achieving African American rising seniors.

    Summer Seniors 2024 Event Dates
    Session 1: Wednesday, June 26 - Saturday, June 29
    Session 2: Wednesday, July 10 - Saturday, July 13

    DEADLINE - May 1

    Young Women In Engineering Leadership Conference
    College of Charleston
    Saturday, April 20, 10am-3pm
    Sophomores and juniors who are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering or computing.
    An exceptional day of professional and personal development for your students! 
    Conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet current College of Charleston students and our faculty, and learn about their engineering and computer science projects. They’ll also get pro tips from some of our professors on how women can carve out successful careers in STEM fields. In addition, there will be an opportunity for hands-on STEM interactions with College of Charleston faculty. 
    Register by March 20

    Winthrop University Department of Fine Arts Workshops

    Winthrop is offering a variety of FREE Arts workshops for South Carolina and North Carolina high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.





    More information online

    Register online

    West Point’s Summer Leaders Experience (SLE)
    Looking for high-achieving young people who are in great standing with their school and community, and who want to challenge themselves.

    What is SLE?

    • SLE is a one-week program for current Juniors (High School Class of 2025) to visit West Point in June.
    • Students in this program get to spend the week with our cadets, live in the barracks, and eat in the mess hall.
    • Learn about West Point’s world class academics by trying 5 of our 17 academic workshops.
    • Learn about military training and becoming a Leader of Character at West Point by completing two military days to include rappelling, Zodiac boats, combatives (like Jiu-Jitsu) training and more!
    • Challenge themselves physically by attempting the Candidate Fitness Assessment, conducting physical training, and sports.
    • Complete their admissions interview with a cadet.
    • Spend the week making friends with other students from all over the US who are applying to West Point.

    Learn more about SLE- https://www.westpoint.edu/admissions/summer-program
    Apply now- https://apply.westpoint.edu/portal/candidate


    Priority deadline: March 15, applications accepted April 15
    Pratt Institute PreCollege Program
    Students on the path to becoming artists, designers, or architects? With options ranging from one-day workshops, 1-credit Saturday classes during the school year, to a 4-week, 4-credit immersive in-person summer program, Pratt PreCollege aims to meet students where they are in their creative and academic journey.

    Learn more about our upcoming programs:

    Late Spring 2024–Deadline to Register: April 19, 2024

    Portfolio Development Workshop (Online)
    Learn from the expert! Join Mike Barry, Associate Director of Admissions and artist, in an engaging, 3-hour workshop covering the ins and outs of what makes a compelling portfolio, what a complete application consists of, and the importance of a portfolio for students considering a career and education in art and design. This unique portfolio workshop aims to give students the tools to look critically at their work, set challenges, and develop meaningful practice as they cultivate their unique creative voice. Engage in a culminating live Q&A session for personalized advice and receive the tools to kickstart preparation for college admission.

    June 2024: Deadlines to Register: NonCredit: May 7, 2024

    PreCollege ELL Portfolio (Online)
    Do you know students looking to improve their English language skills with an interest in art, design, and architecture? These 30-hour online, noncredit classes for English Language Learners (ELL) run June 3 - July 3, 2024 from 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST. Classes are available in both Written Communication and Oral Communication - students are encouraged to enroll in both classes for a further immersive experience.

    Online Summer Courses
    Join us online from June 3 - July 3, 2024 in 1-credit and NonCredit classes. Credit-bearing classes are modeled after Pratt’s undergraduate curriculum and focus on specific areas of study across the Institute’s offerings such as Architecture, Graphic Design, and Painting and Drawing.

    July 2024: Deadline to Register: May 1, 2024

    In-Person Summer PreCollege Program
    Enroll in two, 2-credit classes from a list of 19 different concentrations! This immersive, 4-week program takes place on Pratt’s beautiful Brooklyn campus. Residential students live in Pratt residential halls and participate in extracurricular activities such as museum visits and artist lectures.  
    Rhodes College Summer Writing Institute
    June 16-28
    Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
    Residential opportunity, college-prep program with a range of analytical and creative writing courses.