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    Seniors: Browse below and keep visiting for up-to-date scholarship information.  Don't forget to turn in copies of all scholarship and grant offers you receive to your School Counselor!


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    Sept 2023 Senior Night Financial Aid presentation Powerpoint  Counselors Powerpoint  


    State Scholarships and Grants CHE website       CHE Powerpoint 

    • HOPE Scholarship - A one year, merit-based scholarship created for students attending a four-year institution who do not qualify for the LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarship.  More information.
    • LIFE Scholarship - A merit-based scholarship.  More information.
    • Palmetto Fellows Scholarship - Eligible students may receive up to $6,700, per year for college. More information.  
    • Lottery Tuition Assistance - For the current academic year (fall, spring, and summer terms), eligible students may receive up to $110 per credit hour to be used toward the cost-of-tuition.More information.
    • SC Need-Based Grant - Need-based grant is to provide additional financial aid to South Carolina’s neediest students. A student may receive up to $2,500 annually if enrolled full-time or up to $1,250 annually if enrolled part-time as a degree-seeking student at an eligible S.C. public institution.  More information.  

    National Guard College Assistance - financial assistance to members of the South Carolina Army and Air National Guard by providing incentives for enlisting or remaining for a specified time in either the South Carolina Army or Air National Guard (SCNG).  More information here. SC National Guard

    SC Teaching Fellows Program - Fellows participate in advanced enrichment programs at Teaching Fellows Institutions, have additional professional development opportunities, and are involved with communities and businesses throughout the state. They receive up to $24,000 in fellowship funds (up to $6000 a year for four years) while they complete a degree leading to initial teacher certification here    DEADLINE: DECEMBER 1 

    Call Me Mister program - Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models- Initiative is to increase the pool of available teachers from a broader more diverse background particularly among the State's lowest performing elementary schools. Student participants are largely selected from among underserved, socio-economically disadvantaged and educationally at-risk communities. There are 8 Two Year colleges and 18 four year colleges participating in the program. Learn more here. Participating Colleges List



    FAFSA Guide from Sallie Mae for the new 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid


    FAFSA Resources: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid Click here to find out more information and to complete the FAFSA to apply for federal financial aid. 

    Check out  “Federal Student Aid” youtube videos,  from filling out the FAFSA to comparing awards between colleges. For more information go to:. https://www.youtube.com/user/FederalStudentAid/videos


    SCCANGO provides resources to students, parents and counselors about college admissions to SC Colleges and Universities. Check out SCCANGO’s youtube videos about FAFSA and their FAFSA Toolkit


    The SC Commission on Higher Education, has developed a “Palmetto Calculator” to help students understand the cost of attending some of SC public colleges or universities. Students can enter their FAFSA “Estimated Family Contribution” as well as other scholarships, loans, etc. to help determine cost. Visit the Palmetto Calculator for more information. 

    Don’t see the college you want to attend on the “Palmetto Calculator”? Every college has a “net price calculator” so visit the financial aid page of your chosen colleges/universities website for more information.


    MyinTuition.org - Estimate your cost of of attendance at more than 70 top colleges

    Knowing the Rules of Financial Aid 


    The SoFi video series recordings for parents of college bound students. (All of these videos can also be found on SoFi’s YouTube channel)

    • Evaluating College Acceptances and Appealing Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships
    • What Merit Scholarships are and How to Find Them
    • Financing your Student's Education
    • Financial Aid and Changes to FAFSA, Especially for Divorced Parents


    money SCHOLAR$HIP$money

    Check the high school lounge for printouts of a few of the applications

    Meeting Street Scholarship Fund

    Are you Life Scholarship or Palmetto Fellows eligible AND qualify for a Federal Pell Grant AND planning to attend an eligible SC College/University? If so, you may be eligible to receive up to $10,000 of additional funds EVERY YEAR*! That’s potentially an additional $40,000 for college. (* recipients must remain Life and Palmetto Fellow eligible each year in college)

    There is no limit on the number of Charleston County students who can earn the scholarship, but you must apply.  

    FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will have to be completed to determine if you are Pell Grant eligible. FAFSA will open December 2023. Completing the FAFSA will also determine if you qualify for other federal financial assistance to help cover college costs. https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

    Visit https://meetingstreetscholarshipfund.org/ for more scholarship information and to sign up for scholarship updates. 

    DEADLINES: Accepting applications January - May

    FSA ID 

    FAFSA Completion Guide

    1. Create an FSA ID. For most students, at least one parent will also need to create an FSA ID.

      1. Most students will need to invite at least one parent as a "contributor" to their FAFSA form. They will invite the same parent(s) who they asked to create an FSA ID.

      2. Within three days of submitting their FAFSA form, students can log back into their FAFSA form to view their FAFSA Submission Summary. They will submit the Eligibility Overview section as part of their Meeting Street Scholarship Fund application.


    Charleston Southern University has launched Buc Promise, a new renewable scholarship for Pell-eligible South Carolina residents with a minimum 3.5 high school unweighted GPA. This is our promise: if a student is admitted to CSU and qualify for Buc Promise, CSU will pay their tuition.

    Students eligible for Buc Promise must:

    • Hold at least a 3.5 unweighted GPA 
    • Complete the FAFSA 
    • Be Pell-eligible for more than the “Minimum Pell Grant” 
    • Enroll full-time in a traditional degree program 
    • Be pursuing a first bachelor’s degree  

    More info on the CSU website.



    Jenkins Scholar Award

    The Jenkins Award from the National Association for Gifted Children recognizes highly gifted Black middle & high school students across the country. Learn more and apply today! https://tinyurl.com/JenkinsScholars2024

    The Dr. Martin D. Jenkins Scholar Award, named in honor of Dr. Jenkins, known as the father of research on Black Giftedness, is designed to honor the achievements of highly gifted Black students who excel academically in school. Students in grades 6-12 are eligible. This year's NAGC Convention is in Seattle, WA! More information about the award and eligibility is available at the website above. 



    DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2024


    Rev. Dr. E.L. & Christine O. Jackson Scholarship Society, Inc. Scholarship 

    SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: $1,000.00

    Graduating High School Seniors from: Berkeley, Charleston &; Dorchester Counties, Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, Jenkins Institute, Foster Care in Berkeley, Charleston & Dorchester Counties

    The focus of the Rev. Dr. E. L. & Christine O. Jackson Scholarship is supporting African American student having the greatest need for financial support to further their academic education.


    Deadline: June 3, 2024



    Reading Partners South Carolina  

    Reading Partners South Carolina is searching for an upcoming high school graduate who participated in the Reading Partners program as a child. We are giving a $1,000 scholarship to an alum in honor of our 10th anniversary in SC. We are a national literacy non-profit providing one-on-one reading intervention by dedicated community volunteers.





    Scholarships for students interested in STEM! https://uncf.org/scholarships



    Gardner Webb University Scholarships

    Check out the various scholarships available for applicants, including Marching Band, Merit, and Non-major scholarships.




    University of North Georgia

    Army ROTC Scholarships

    We’re looking for high school seniors and college freshmen who want to serve our nation as second lieutenants (officers) in the U.S. Army. Scholarships pay for room and board (up to $12,000 per year) or tuition and fees.  It also pays a $420/month stipend and a $1,200/year book allowance.

    Click here for eligibility criteria, benefits, and how to apply. In addition, Georgia resident ROTC scholarship recipients receive grants of up to $2,000 per semester. These benefits combine for about $15,570/year to $19,500/year.

    The scholarship leads to a professional career as an active-duty Army second lieutenant (O1) with excellent benefits and starting compensation (Department of Defense Calculator):

    • Single with less than 2 years of service stationed at Ft. Stewart near Savannah, GA: $72,769
    • Single with 4 years of service as a Soldier in the Guard while in the Corps of Cadets at Ft. Benning, GA:  $79,053
    • Married with less than 2 years of service at Ft. Liberty, NC:  $67,562
    • Married with four years of service at Ft. Campbell, KY:  $80,853

    Second lieutenants become captains (O3) at four years’ time of service after graduating from UNG and commissioning. Army captain compensation (Department of Defense Calculator):

    • Single with 4 years of service, stationed at Ft. Cavazos, TX: $105,324
    • Married with 4 years of service at Ft. Lewis, WA:  $116,619

    In addition to regular military compensation, Army lieutenants accumulate incomparable leadership experience, pay no health insurance (families included), get 30 days of paid vacation, pay inexpensive dental and life insurance, and reap the benefits of a blended retirement system.  



    Naval ROTC Programs (4 scholarship programs available, one specific to Savannah State)

    For more information go to: https://www.savannahstate.edu/cost/nrotc/


    * National Scholarship (four-year scholarship, Navy and USMC option)

    * Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation (MSISR) Scholarship for Navy

    * Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation (MSISR) Scholarship for Marine Corps: The Frederick C. Branch scholarship

    * Naval Preparatory Program (NPP) Scholarship



    College Board Opportunity Scholarships

    Beginning SOPHOMORE year - Turn your efforts into scholarships

    Students can search more than 10,000 scholarships by using our Scholarship Directory. Sophomores, juniors, and Seniors can earn entries for monthly BigFuture® $500 and $40,000 scholarship drawings.

    Check out the website for more information.




    Common College Financial Planning Myths: Slaying Myths About Paying for College

    More Scholarships can be found on the Scholarship List in Naviance


    The Scholarship System - Lots of free webinars and resources available to help with scholarship searches.

       Military Scholarships Guide


    Sallie Mae Scholarship Search - Flyer

        Filing the FAFSA Flyer


    StudentScholarships.org  - April Newsletter