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    Colleges accept SAT or ACT as a part of their admissions process. Many colleges are test-optional. It is up to students and parents to research what this means for each college. It may look different for the colleges on your list.
    3rd year high school students in South Carolina will have the opportunity to take either the SAT or ACT once for FREE during a scheduled school day 2nd semester. Otherwise, families are able to register and pay for a weekend National Test date SAT or ACT. Check their respective websites for more weekend registration information.
    Students with free or reduced lunch speak with your School Counselor about SAT and/or ACT test fee waivers, as well as college application fee waivers.

    Khan Academy
    This site has tutorials for various classes from Kindergarten to 12th grade. There are also test prep resources for high school and college entrance exams, including SAT and PSAT.
    ACT website (scroll to the bottom for FREE test prep) 
           Why take the ACT 
    Test prep for PSAT, ACT, SAT, and AP, as well as College admissions essay tips.
    Take a free practice test, learn content with one of our highest-rated teachers, or challenge yourself with an SAT bootcamp.
    What's your SAT/ACT testing strategy?
    FREE Workshop
    Georgia Southern University's Division of Continuing Education offers a variety of online test prep courses for students preparing to take the SAT or ACT.
    Test Prep resources with fees
    Paid test prep classes