• STEM Air Show

    The Friday before spring break (April 8th) JZMS students and teachers got a sneak preview of Joint Base Charleston's 2022 Air Expo.  To see pictures from the event, click here.  For more information about the Air Expo, visit the Air Expo page on Joint Base Charleston's website:  https://www.jbcharleston.com/airexpo.

     Ms. Bell takes a ride in an airplane at the Air Show 

    Fossil Dig

    Students in Ms. Bell's Biology 1 class recently went on a fossil dig without ever leaving their classroom!  As part of their unit on biological evolution, students were given a pan of sand and gravel which contained fossilized dinosaur bones (made of paper).  Students had to dig through the sand and gravel to pull out the bones and then reconstruct the dinosaur (without knowing what the dinosaur actually looked like).  They then had to figure out which modern day animal is related to the dinosaur they dug up. Visit the Photo Gallery to see pictures of the fossil dig.

    Biology 1 is one of five high school credit classes for 8th graders taught at Zucker.  The other classes are English 1, Algebra 1, Spanish 1, and Computer Science.  Ms. Bell has been teaching Biology 1 for the last ten years, and in all those years, all but one of her students have passed the Biology 1 end-of-year exam and received high school credit.

    Ryan Chaplin digging for fossils

    Future Teachers

    Students in the ProTeam class recently completed several days of service learning. The students were assigned to different teachers at Zucker and spent one block each day assisting these teachers in their classrooms doing everything from photocopying and laminating to grading papers and working on bulletin boards.

    ProTeam is a  South Carolina Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement (CERRA) program that provides an opportunity for qualified students in 7th and 8th grade to grow as leaders while learning about the education profession. The ProTeam class at Zucker is co-taught by 7th grade ELA teacher Erin Presto and Instructional Coordinator Angi Brush.  For more information about ProTeam, visit the ProTeam page on the CERRA website.  To see ProTeam service learning photos, visit the Photo Gallery.

    Harold Sanchez

    Black History Month Living Wax Museum

    We concluded our month-long celebration of Black History Month with a special event on Friday afternoon, February 25th.  The afternoon began with a schoolwide viewing of a Black History Month video created by assistant principal Shorace Guider.  After the video ended, students were dismissed to the back field where they enjoyed games, performances by entertainer Lil' Boss and an African drum and dance group, and treats from food trucks owned by local black entrepreneurs. Thank you to assistant principal Andrea Gadsden and the Black History Month committee for organizing the concluding celebration and other events throughout the month. For more information about Black History Month at JZMS, visit this page

    Black History Month band

    Black History Month Living Wax Museum

    Students in Ms. Carie Tyndall's 6th grade Gifted & Talented class recently presented a living wax museum in honor of Black History Month.  The students researched important figures from the Harlem Renaissance, wrote a paper about their person, and created a timeline of important events in their person's life.  They then prepared a speech, created a costume, and gathered props for their presentation. The wax museum was open on two afternoons and was visited by several staff members.  Students dressed as their figure and spoke about him or her in the first person. The living wax museum was not only a great learning experience but also a fun project that Ms. Tyndall plans to do with her students again next year during Black History Month. To see photos from the wax museum, visit the Photo Gallery.

    Paris Hurst as Duke Ellington

    Teacher of the Year Announced

    We are pleased to announce that Adams Bevins has been named our 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year.  Adam is a 6th grade ELA teacher.  Congratulations to Adam and to the Teacher of the Year finalists:

    Stephanie Daniels, Spanish Teacher

    Travis Gladden, 7th Grade Math Teacher

    Coty Turner, Physical Education Teacher

    We are fortunate to have these outstanding educators at our school.

    Adam Bevins  Adam Bevins

    photo of Stephanie Daniels Stephanie Daniels

     photo of Travis Gladden Travis Gladden

    photo of Coty Turner Coty Turner

    8th Grader is Top Ten Speller in the District!

    Congratulations to 8th grader Aaliyah Spencer for being one of the top ten spellers in the district!  Aaliyah participated in the CCSD Spelling Bee on January 17th, where she placed in the top ten.  She now advances to the regional bee, which will be held on March 7th at Charleston Southern University.  Aalilyah placed first in the JZMS school wide spelling bee last November. 

    Aaliyah is pictured below (right) with the second and third place winners of the JZMS spelling bee: Adriana Watson (center) and Taliyah Nelson (left).

    photo of Aaliyah Spencer with two other girls

    How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Students in Ms. Muehleisen's class are learning about plants by growing them. The class received a hydroponic farm stand through a Whole Foods Garden Grant.  After planting seedlings and watering them weekly, the class's efforts have paid off as the garden is now in full bloom with different varieties of lettuce, kale, and herbs. Ms. Muehleisen says that her students even tried some of the lettuce, but it wasn't their favorite.  They did, however, enjoy the smoothies they made using kale and fresh fruit. 

    Pictured on the headline page are Sherlin and Arkiel. In the photo below, Vance helps plant seedlings in the hydroponic farm stand. To see more photos, visit the Photo Gallery.

     photo of student with a hydroponic farm stand 

     Holly-Jolly Career Fest

    We had our annual schoolwide career day event - Holly Jolly Career Fest - on Friday, December 17th from 8:30-11:30am.  Local professionals from a variety of career sectors presented information to students.Our annual career days expose our students to various career opportunities, which we hope will encourage them to take full advantage of all the educational opportunities available to them.Shout out to the career day committee, especially CTE teacher Ms. Gerideau-Grant and guidance counselor Ms. Lotts, for an exceptional event.Thank you to all the professionals who took time to speak to our students.To see photos from the event, visit the Photo Gallery.  To see a list of presenters, see this document.

     photo of career day speaker

    Muffins with Mom

    We hosted our annual Muffins With Mom event on Thursday, December 16th from 8:30-10:00am in the cafeteria. Female role models in our students' lives, including mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, teachers and others, attended the popular event.  The morning's festivities included a performance of holiday favorites by the JZMS Band under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Yeager, a holiday music-themed bingo game, and a gift wrapping contest.  Lowcountry Food Bank distributed bags of fresh fruits and vegetables.  The event, which had an attendance of approximately 300 parents and students, was organized by Mr. Dwayne Crankfield, Zucker's Parent Advocate. Thank you to Krispy Kreme for donating donuts and thank you to the parents and teachers who donated gift baskets: Ms. Gale, Ms. Pringle, Ms. Grant, Nurse Johnson, and Mr. Putnam.

     To see photos of the event, visit the Photo Gallery.

     photo of parents and students at Muffins wth Mom event

    ATI Partners with ZMS for Day of Caring

    Twelve volunteers from ATI (Advanced Technology International) partnered with ZMS for Trident United Way's Day of Caring on Friday, November 19th. The volunteers painted the wall ball, planted trees that were donated through a grant from PalmettoPride, and pulled weeds in the raised flower bed.  To see more photos from the event, visit the Photo Gallery.

    photo of two students planting a tree

    Student Enjoy Donuts With Dads

    Our 6th Annual "Donuts With Dads" event was held on Thursday, November 18th. Fathers, father-figures, mothers, grandparents, family members, and mentors were invited to join us in the cafeteria from 8:30-10am and enjoy donuts and drinks. The morning's program included a performance by the Zucker Band under the direction of Dr. Yeager (see photo below). The Lowcountry Food Bank gave away bags of food.  The North Charleston Fire Department brought a fire truck for students and families to tour and a medevac helicopter was there briefly before flying off to an emergency.  The event was organized by Dwayne Crankfield, Zucker's Parent Advocate.  Visit the Photo Gallery on this website to see pictures from the event.  

    photo of Zucker Band performing at Donuts With Dads event 

    These Spellers Are Un-bee-lievable!

    Twenty-four students competed in the schoolwide spelling bee, which was held on Wednesday, November 17th in the library.  Eighth grader Aaliyah Spencer was declared the winner after nine rounds when she correctly spelled the word "caverns." The top six spellers will compete in the Cops Spelling Bee at North Charleston City Hall on December 7th.  Aaliyah will compete in the Charleston County School District Bee in January (date and time to be announced).  Congratulations to our six finalists:

    1st Place - Aaliyah Spencer (8th grade)

    2nd Place - Adriana Watson (6th grade)

    3rd Place - Taliyah Nelson (6th grade)

    4th Place - Dana Brown (7th grade)

    5th Place - José Perez-Tanner (8th grade) & Julia Rodriguez (6th grade)

     Pictured below (left to right): Taliyah, Adriana, and Aaliyah.

    photo of top three spellers

    Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

     Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

    The month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at JZMS ended with a special PBIS event that had a Hispanic Heritage theme.  Students and teachers who attended the celebration played the games Lotteria and musical chairs and also listened to Latin American music.  The celebration was organized by ESOL teacher Ms. Best and the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions Support) team.

    Celebrating Red Ribbon Week

     Celebrating Red Ribbon Week

    ZMS celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 25-29.  Red Ribbon Week is held annually the last week in October and is a national drug abuse prevention campaign.  Throughout the week, ZMS students and staff participated in themed dress down days.  There was also a daily trivia question on the ZMS morning news program.  For more information about Red Ribbon Week, visit this website: https://www.redribbon.org/.  To see pictures of students and staff participating in the dress down days, visit the Red Ribbon Week Photo Gallery