• Parents and Students, for the duration of the Corona Virus school closure, if you have any issues during this time please reach out to us via email during normal school hours (7:25 a.m. -2:25 p.m) and in our Google Classroom (code is: bj3aeia)

    6th grade Counselor, Ms. Shannon, shujuan_shannon@charleston.k12.sc.us.
    7th and 8th grade Counselor, Ms. Buist, cynthia_buist@charleston.k12.sc.us

    Your School Counselors can provide collaboration, consultation, and referral services, such as mental health.

    In case of an emergency/crisis, please call 911 and/or Mobile Crisis/Department of Mental Health at 843.414.2350 in the event of an emergency.

  • Below is the Socio-Emotional Learning Document that you can upload for resources and Second Steps. You might need to Download the document if it does not appear on your screen below. Scroll down to click for download.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Contact your scholar's School Counselor: 

    Ms. Shannon, School Counselor (6th grade and Exceptional Children) shujuan_shannon@charleston.k12.sc.us or 843-763-1546 ext: 6476193

    Ms. Buist, School Counselor (6th and 7th grade) cynthia_buist@charleston.k12.sc.us or 843-763-1546 ext:6476195

    Ms. Reno, Mental Health Counselor ( all grades)  charity_reno@charleston.k12.sc.us