• Mt. Zion Elementary School Library Handbook



    Student Circulation Procedures

    We have removed our set policies for this year as COVID restrictions will likely make virtually all policies for the physical library change numerous times over the year. 


    Check-outs are for two week. Students may renew books once for a further two weeks. Additional renewals will be on a case by case basis. 


    Student choice will be the deciding factor on book selection. I will teach a variety of methods students should use to determine the “Just Right Book” for themselves, but check-out selection will come down to student choice. I will encourage students to choose engaging books they can comprehend from a variety of genres that will help students grow. 


    As students are not using the library for the start of the year, there will be an emphasis placed on learning to use Destiny Discover and put desired books on hold. Students will be limited to three holds per week. Books will be checked out to the students and delivered to class. 


    SORA is an excellent resource for E-Books and more emphasis will be placed on learning to use SORA this year than a “typical” year due to the COVID restrictions in the physical library. 


    Teacher Circulation Procedures

    Teachers are able to check out up to 25 books at a time. Check outs are for one month. Please keep in mind that I have a limited selection of books for any one topic. We can request books from other CCSD schools. Please email book requests to Ms. Haertel. If requesting from another school, please allow at least one week


    Digital Resources

    We have access to a wide selection of wonderful titles on Myon and SORA. Between CCSD and the Charleston County Public Library, students have access to several thousand books on SORA, including audio books. 


    MackinVia is still our primary destination for databases. There are numerous kid friendly databases available covering virtually any subject that could be desired. 


    Ms. Haertel is excited and ready to help assist with any questions you may have!