Middle School


    6th grade can be a big change from elementary school. We are here if you need help with study skills, developing healthy friendships, and more!



    Part of getting older is developing and maintaining healthy relationships with peers. Conflict is a natural part of life, but it's how we handle it that sets us apart. We'll work together to ensure you have the skills you need to make the best decisions. 


    This year is all about developing SMART goals as we move into high school. We will use these goals to start framing career clusters and academic goals before your first Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meeting. All students in South Carolina will have IGP meetings from 8th-12th grade to ensure that you are on track for graduation and your goals!

High School


    We are on the path to graduation! You should know the requirements for graduating in South Carolina and why your GPA does matter. Taking your high school classes seriously means greater college and scholarship opportunities later! 

    10TH GRADE

    Before we start searching for college options, we need to explore your potential career interests! 10th graders will begin taking career assessments and looking at how they align with potential majors, schools, and their personal goals. 

    11TH GRADE

    It's the PSAT this fall! October 10 is the PSAT/NMSQT test day. By taking this test, you are not only eligible for the National Merit Scholarship, but you are also getting great practice for the SAT. Want to prep? Click here. ​

    Take advantage of this great offer! The state pays for you to take the SAT or ACT in the spring of your junior year. If you have finished Algebra 2 earlier in high school, you may want to take it earlier as well while the math is still fresh. 


    12TH GRADE

    Senior year! You made it...almost! Senior IGPs are held in the fall to ensure you have taken or are registered for all required courses. Start creating a checklist  for any necessary tests, applications, reference letters, fee waivers, resumes, etc. Deadlines are important this year!