There are two reasons for a dress code at Morningside Middle School: SAFETY & SELF RESPECT.  First, uniforms allow us to identify trespassers as well as academy scholars who are out of area.  Finally, uniforms help create an environment of professionalism and respect.  The administration, faculty, and staff expect scholars to dress appropriately for school.  We feel that sloppy dress sets the tone for sloppy behavior and performance.  We believe that high expectations of dress contribute to high performance in the classroom.  With success come rewards such as silver cards, gold cards, and platinum cards.  Failure to follow a dress code or any other direction given by the school can involve disciplinary action.  These include: warning, clothing loan, phone call home, ISS or suspension.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask your teacher or an administrator.  We are here to help.

    Dress with Self-respect.


    • Pants:  Scholars may wear short or long cotton/polyester pants – Khaki or dark in color - no spandex, no jeans with rips/holes at all. 


    Note: The pants should fit: not too big; not too tight.  NO spandex, leggings, jeggings, wind pants, sweat pants etc.  “Pants-sagging” is not acceptable.  Pants must be worn at the natural waistline with a belt and undergarments must be completely covered.


    • Shorts: The standard for wearing shorts is that when standing with arms hanging down to the side, the area on the leg where fingers touch should be the hemline of the shorts.  Young ladies may wear skorts, but they must be the appropriate length.  Short-shorts are not acceptable.


    • Shirts: You may wear a T-shirt, golf shirt, collared shirt, or turtleneck.  No shirts with spaghetti straps or low cut neck lines will be allowed.  Keep your shirt neatly tucked into your pants.  Undergarments worn under the shirts must be white or the appropriate grade level color.


    • Shoes: Shoes should be securely fastened to your feet.  Gladiator sandals or sandals with the back or toes out are prohibited.  Bedroom slippers, slip on shoes, and thong flip flops are not allowed.


    • Sweatshirts/Sweaters: Wear the appropriate solid color for your grade level.  They can be pull over, zip-up, button-up, and short sleeve or long sleeve.  NO HOODED SWEATSHIRTS


    • Jackets – unless you are instructed otherwise, leave your jacket/coat/windbreaker in your homeroom.  Wear an appropriate sweatshirt if you are cold.  Jackets MAY NOT be worn around the waist. 


    • Miscellaneous: Hats, scarves, bandanas (flags) etc. should not be worn during the school day.  No scarves, bandanas should be brought to school.  (Safety)  Shoes should be securely fastened to your feet. Scholars should not display combs, brushes.  Book bags and backpacks should be placed in lockers at the beginning of the school day.  Scholars are not allowed to wear book bags or backpacks in the classrooms or hallways.  Purses should be moderate size and not serve as book bags. 


    • Jewelry: anything that is considered distracting should not be brought to school – large/flashy jewelry of any type, facial piercing, anything drug/gang or violence related.  Silly bands are prohibited.  They will be confiscated and not returned. 


    • For Health and Safety Reasons the following items are FORBIDDEN:
    • Face jewelry (facial piercing, “grills” or other dental coverings unless prescribed by a doctor)
    • Dangle earrings (longer than one inch)
    • Oversized belt buckles
    • Scarves, bandanas, hats, wave caps, sweat bands, head bands
    • Oversized bags or purses
    • Hats worn during the school day without permission will be confiscated!


    Grade Level

    Shirt Color


    6th Grade


    Blue, Black or Dark colored 

    7th Grade


    Blue, Black or Dark colored

    8th Grade


    Blue, Black or Dark colored