• It is important that students attend school every day and arrive on time to ensure that they receive an ample amount of valuable learning time. Too many absences can cause children to fall behind in school. picture of alarm clock

    Any absences that your child may have will be considered UNEXCUSED if a parent or doctor’s note is not given to the teacher. Any child is considered truant if they have missed three (3) unexcused days of school in a row or five (5) unexcused days total. If your child meets the criteria for truancy, the school will contact you to set up a mandatory conference to help support your child’s attendance.

    • Students must arrive at school before 7:30am and dismissal is 2:15pm.
    • Arriving after 7:30am will result in your child being marked tardy or absent.
    • Early Pick-Up is allowed until 1:30pm.
    • Children will not be dismissed for early pick-up after 1:30pm*

    *This causes disruption to the classroom when the teacher has to stop instruction to pack up your child for leaving.

    Questions may be directed to our Attendance Clerk, Ms. Deborah Coakley: 


    Thank you for partnering with us to ensure your child is present and on-time each day!