• ACSM does not have activity fee for students to pay, however, we do require that each student pay a technology fee to cover insurance on their iPad or MacBook.  Fees can also be assessed for various trips throughout the year, and the loss or damage to an iPad/Macbook, case, or charger.

    2020-2021 Technology Fees
    *Please note that insurance fees are non-refundable. 
    ** These fees fluctuate each year.

    iPad Insurance Fee (6th-8th grade): $50.00
    Lost iPad Fee: $300.00
    Lost/Damaged iPad Charger (whole charger): $25.00
    Lost/Damaged iPad Charging Cord: $5.00
    Lost/Damage iPad Charging Block: $20.00
    Lost/Damaged iPad Case: $20.00

    MacBook Insurance Fee (9th-12th grade): $100.00
    Lost MacBook Fee: $800.00
    Lost/Damaged MacBook Charger: $80.00
    Lost/Damaged MacBook Case: $20.00

    Due to COVID-19 Allegro is only accepting online payments at this time. Please use this link to Pay Fees Here.



    2020-2021 High School Student Parking Information

    Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, Allegro will have on-site student parking available for qualified high school students. More information on student parking will be available soon.