• Enrollment Information

    Kindergarten through 5th Grade Enrollment Information
    JBE Global Leadership is a partial magnet school. This means that JBE Global Leadership has a defined attendance zone and can also accept students from around Charleston County.

    If you are zoned for our school, please complete the online registration form at http://www.ccsdschools.com/choice/Registration.php. You will also need to bring in 2 proofs of residence (1 of mortgage, lease, or property tax bill and 1 utility bill), a notraized Residency Verification Form, birth certificate, and immunization record.

    If you are not zoned for our school but are interested in enrolling your child through our partial magnet status, please visit CCSD School Choice Website. If you have any further questions or would like a school tour please call us at (843) 849-2805 and we will help answer all of your questions.

    CD Enrollment Information

    To apply to be in the CD program at JBE, please fill out the following packet of information and return it to the JBE front office. CD Enrollment Forms  You will also need to bring in 2 proofs of residence (1 of mortgage, lease, or property tax bill and 1 utility bill), birth certificate, and immunization record. 

    Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding being a partial magnet school.

    Partial Magnet FAQs

    • What is a partial magnet school?

    –    A partial magnet school is a school that has a focus/ theme and a defined attendance zone. 

    –    In addition, a specific number of seats are allocated to students who live outside the attendance zone

    • Will my child still have bus transportation?

    –    If you live in our attendance zone, bus transportation will be provided

    –    Bus transportation will not be provided for magnet students

    • How will it be determined who gets to come to JBE?

    –    First priority: JBE attendance zone

    –    Second priority: Our constituent district (Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms, and Sullivan’s Island)

    –    Third priority: Students from other constituent districts (Charleston County)

    • Will the school’s curriculum change?

    –    No, the school’s core curriculum will remain the same. The aim of a our partial magnet school is to further supplement the curriculum, with many leadership and cultural education opportunities available. To learn more about our curriculum please visit our Academics page as well as our Global Leadership page.