JBE One is organized for the purpose of supporting children's education at James B. Edwards Elementary by fostering relationships among the school, parents, teachers and the community. 

    JBE One Leadership                                                                         

    President- Katie D. Edwardspresident@jbeone.org                      
    Vice President- Anna Upbin- vp@jbeone.org                     
    Treasurer-  Beth Howard and Katie Catalana (co-chairs)  - treasurer@jbeone.org                       
    Secretary-  Ryan Lemire  - secretary@jbeone.org
    Strategic Initiatives- Jodi Fuqa- hello@jbeone.org
    Faculty Relations Chair- Amelia Smith and Shannon Rice (co-chairs)hello@jbeone.org  
    Community Building- McRae Hogan and Rebecca Sailor (co-chairs)  -  hello@jbeone.org

    Uniforms-Sarah Beaver         

    For more information, please visit the JBEONE website