• Year Long Project Report and Presentation – What’s Expected for Lower Elementary?

    All Lower El students are required to complete 4 community service hours each semester.  Your child may want to continue the same service project throughout the year or do multiple projects.  Either way, the total should be 8 hours by the end of the year.    
    Students should be ready to present their first 4 community service hours on the due date: January 17, 2020.
    If your child would like to organize his/her community service hours, he/she can do so using this template: Peace Project Recording Sheet.  
    After completing 4 service hours for this semester, your child can begin creating some type of visual presentation to present to the class in January.  Some ideas for the visual piece include creating a poster, diorama, pamphlet, video, or digital presentation (such as PowerPoint).  Many students like to include pictures they've taken while completing their hours.  If your child needs a guiding sheet, please click HERE.  
    Some projects ideas include Beach Sweeps to clean the local beaches, neighborhood trash pick up, Pennies for Patients, and volunteering time and talents to organizations such as the SPCA, Cooper Hall, or the local food bank.  Students are encouraged to think about where the community needs are and how they can help.   See the link below for more community ideas and organizations.