• 2019-2020 COVID Style Drive Through 8th Grade Graduation! 

    We had lots of fun noisemakers, waving ribbons, bubbles, smoke, and confetti!  Our hired DJ pumped out some great tunes that had everyone dancing! 

    This was a graduation to remember for all of the students and staff at ECMCS. 


    2019 - 2020 Middle School Financial Week

    During Middle School Financial Week, our students have been learning about planned expenses as well as those that are surprises and out of our control.  The students should have a new appreciation for their parents because some of them have children and have been surprised at how expensive it can be to have a family.  Today’s best quote was, “I’m just going to have cats and not children!”

    Today, we had a visit from I Heart Hungry Kids and we worked on developing our own nonprofits.  We also learned about banking from a personal banker from Wells Fargo. Vacation planning, savings lessons, menu and grocery planning, and car buying round out our week.