• Breakfast

    Breakfast is available for purchase at ECMCS prior to the start of school. Students must use the district online account to purchase meals including breakfast.

    Nutritious lunches are very important to your child’s good health. Students who do not arrive with lunch will be provided lunch and the family will be billed.
    Pack a Lunch Box: This option is available every day. The lunch should include one component of protein and two components of fruit and/or vegetables as well as 100% juice, water, or milk. Don’t forget to put an ice pack inside the box to keep everything fresh.  A microwave is not available for heating up lunches. Please do not send candy, sodas or junk food. “Grow Food” for growing minds and bodies should be the major component of your child’s lunch.
    School Hot Lunch:  Please refer to the CCSD website for the annual cost of school lunch. The preferred method for paying for lunch is using the Prepay Meal Payment account on the CCSD website, or you can send a check (made payable to CCSD) or cash with your child.  Unless you specify otherwise, the change will be applied to your child’s meal account. 
    *Free and Reduced Lunch applications are available online.

    Student-Run Pizza Business Fridays: The middle school business will organize and offer Coastal Crust pizza every Friday. The students are fully in charge of their business and will be responsible for taking orders, creating a spreadsheet, tracking orders, balancing their account and delivering pizza to each customer. Pizza comes with a veggie and drink. The cost will be announced in Schoolwide Office Notes. 


    Students in 1st-8th grade are permitted to bring nut products in their lunch. There are designated tables in the cafeteria where students can eat nut products. These designated nut tables are given additional cleaning, and the remainder of the lunch tables do not permit nuts.

    Nuts are prohibited in:

    • The Primary Rooms
    • Classroom Snacks
    • The ECMCS Kitchen