• ECMCS Carpool Map.pdf

    How to Make Carpool Run Efficiently and Safely:

    1. DO NOT ARRIVE FOR DISMISSAL UNTIL  2:55. - THERE IS NO PARKING ALLOWED ON RIFLE RANGE ROAD OR MYRICK ROAD. If you arrive before 2:55, you must park some place other than the Rifle Range Road parking lot.

    2. NO U-TURNS ARE ALLOWED. - Please follow the carpool map.

    3. Please do NOT get out of your car for any reason in the carpool line. We will buckle your child into their car seat or you may pull forward beyond the number signs and pause to buckle there. If possible, please install car seats on the right side of the car to facilitate safe loading and buckling.

    4. Parents can download the Silent Dismissal app which will allow you to make changes to your daily dismissal plans. A message will display in your child's classroom. To communicate dismissal changes to the school, send an email to dismissal@montessoricharterschool.com.


    After School Care and Enrichment

    1. If you signed up for After School Care (ASC) we will assume that your child is going to attend ASC daily unless you specify otherwise. To change your dismissal plan for the day, send an email to dismissal@montessoricharterschool.com
    2. All ASC must be PREPAID using ZenPlanner. It is recommended that you register for ZenPlanner now in case an unforeseen need should arise. The link to register is on our website on the After School tab.  For ZenPlanner questions, contact Billy at williamkoll@montessoricharterschool.com

    3. Parents picking up kids from ASC should use the Rifle Range Road entrance.