• ECMCS Parent Volunteer Hours 

    The Policies Agreement reflects the 10 hour per family volunteer commitment. 

    The ECMCS charter application was written to include parent volunteers as part of the academic and financial success of the school’s infrastructure. Volunteers must understand that volunteering is a privilege, not a right, and the school may, in its sole discretion, decide to discontinue any volunteer participation at any time and for any reason or no reason, with or without notice or warning. All volunteers must consent to a criminal background check before being left alone with children in the school setting and be placed in the “approved volunteer” database compiled via Raptor. Volunteers must adhere to the same ethical and dress standards of teachers. Confidential information accessed during volunteering must remain confidential.  Volunteerism is vital to the success of the school and many families contribute more than the required amount of hours. The school seeks to engage those precious hours in the most effective manner for the school and the family.  

    Attending informational meetings or functions such as Parent Teacher Network meetings, committee meetings and orientation also count towards service hours; however, recreational functions including, but not limited to, sports events, school plays, performances, and recognition ceremonies do not constitute as time that may be utilized towards service hours, unless otherwise specified by the school. Leading a committee or taking on certain tasks can even double your hours or in some cases count for all of the hours. If volunteering is a burden for your family, please contact the administration.

    Suggestions for ways you can integrate into the community will be available at Back to School Parent Information Night, through weekly Office Notes, or through classroom notes. To submit your hours, complete the Volunteer Tracking Form.