*Due to COVID 19, we will not be asking families to fulfil their 20-hour volunteer commitment for the 2021-2022 school year.  

    The ECMCS charter application was written to include parent volunteers as part of the academic and financial success of the school’s infrastructure. The Parent Agreement included in the initial student application reflects the 20-hour parent volunteer commitment.  Volunteerism is vital to the success of the school and many families contribute more than the required amount of hours. The school seeks to engage those precious hours in the most effective manner for the school and the family. The volunteer hours are a direct investment in your child’s education. The school utilizes the Parent/Teacher Network in association with the Governing Board for the coordination of volunteerism opportunities and tracking systems in an effort to strategically plan for teacher and school needs, available resources and upcoming projects. In addition to helping families track their progress toward the volunteer goal, the school tracks the hours for the annual audit to show volunteers save public resources and the hours are used to procure grant funding for the school.

    There are many opportunities both in and out of school as well as both during schools hours and things that can be done after school hours.  We like to think we have rewarding ways for every family to invest in their child’s education and future.  Volunteerism is vital to the success, both educationally and financially, of the school.

    Attending informational meetings / functions such as Parent Network meetings, committee meetings and orientation, also count towards service hours, however, recreational functions including, but not limited to, sports events, school plays/performances, and award ceremonies do not constitute time that may be utilized towards service hours; unless otherwise specified by school. Leading a committee or taking on certain tasks can even double your hours or in some cases count for all of the hours.

    Suggestions for ways you can integrate into the community will be available at Fact and Fees, through office notes, at PTN Meetings or by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator. 

    The coordinator will maintain the database on the school website so you can track how your family is doing at reaching your goal.