• Handbook and Code of Conduct

    2021-2022 Family Handbook and Student Code of Conduct


    ECMCS Bylaws, est. 2003

    2021-2022 Emergency and Health Information Form

    • School Nurse Information Form - DUE JULY 30th - NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • We need time to process medical information for a safe restart to school.

    2021-2022 Policies Agreement

    • Policies Agreement Form - must be filled out for each family (you do not need to complete one per student, just one per family please). DUE JULY 30th

    2021-2022 AfterSchool and Dismissal Form

    • AfterSchool and Dismissal Plan - must be filled out for each family. DUE JULY 30th

    Free and Reduced Meal Application

    School meals will be free for all students again during the 2021-2022 school year; however, we do encourage families to complete the Free and Reduced Meals application because ECMCS provides other discounts to families who have applied and qualify for FARL. Those discounts include registration fees, the base school picture package, field trips, Middle School Pizza Biz on Friday, and a yearbook for the family. 

    This is an annual application. If you qualified last school year, you will have to apply again.  If you are a SNAP recipient, you will have to complete the application for free or reduced-price meals as well.

     Student Information UpdateIf you need to update your child’s PowerSchool information (for example, email, physical address, emergency contacts, etc.) you will need to edit their “Student Information.” Please email the front office for your child’s student ID.

    Please note: all report cards are emailed via the PowerSchool system. There is a conflict between PowerSchool and hotmail email accounts. If you have a hotmail account, please consider opening a new email account to add to your child’s student information portal so that you can receive their report cards quarterly.

    COVID Vaccination Verification Form

    Please complete this form if your child has received 2 doses of the Covid vaccine. You will also be asked to submit a copy of their vaccination card or vaccination record. Students are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their 2nd dose.

    Being fully immunized against Covid shortens isolation time for students who test positive and quarantine time for students who are close contacts. Please keep in mind that this information is subject to change as CDC recommendations and CCSD policies are updated.

    2021-2022 Student-Placement Parent-Input Survey This form is for parents of new or bridging students. Form submissions are requested by May 7th; however, if your child receives a seat after that, your input is still appreciated.


    Click here to go to our school store to pay fees.

    Registration Fee - $45 (all students)

    Registration fees are used for consumable materials such as personalized student dictionaries, educational magazines, science equipment, art supplies, supplemental reading materials, class reference books, math manipulatives, etc.


    School Supply Bulk Order - $35 (all students)

    Additionally, in order to simplify and reduce the cost of school supplies for parents, we are once again ordering supplies in bulk resulting in a cost of $35.00 per child. In our research, parents usually spend approximately $50.00 per child so we hope parents are excited about the savings and not traveling to multiple stores to get everything on the list.

    Backpacks should NOT have wheels and should fit in a cubby 10.5" wide x 12.5" deep x 20" high.

    Technology Fee - $20 (students in K - 8th grades)

    This fee covers instructional software and programs that students can use at school, and in many cases at home and a device surcharge. Information regarding specific learning programs that students will have access to for home and school will be shared at Back to School Parent Information Night.

    Preschool Practical Life Fee - $20 (Primary students - ages 3-4)

    This fee covers our preschool practical life consumable activities, including food preparation works, flower arranging works, consumable sensory works, etc. 


    If you qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch and are unable to pay the registration fee, please contact Billy Koll (billykoll@montessoricharterschool.com) in the business office.