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    Sports Teams and SOA

    Students and parents often ask about sports teams at SOA.  SOA has many student athletes as well as active health-conscious students, but we do not have any school sponsored sports teams.  There are a number of reasons that decision was made when SOA was established:

    • A survey was conducted that asked students and parents if they supported or opposed having sports teams at SOA. Results revealed that 12% strongly supported, 60% strongly opposed and the remaining 28% were neutral.

    • The enrollment at SOA typically reflects a population of 60% female and 40% male. Fielding teams could often prove challenging and might result in pressure for students to sign up for teams.

    • Injuries are sometimes one of the unfortunate consequences of participation in contact as well as non-contact sports. If a dancer sustains a leg, ankle or foot injury or a musician suffers a hand or finger injury, they would not be able to participate in their major.  If the injury was serious, they might not be able to continue at SOA.

    • Many student athletes wanted to have the opportunity to participate in the sports programs with the larger schools in their attendance zones.

    • SOA’s performance calendar and theater schedule is planned a year ahead so all majors have access to the spaces they need. If SOA had sports teams, they would be subject to the schedule established by the South Carolina High School League which would mean students or coaches would have to choose between attendance in a performance or participation on the field or court.  For ensemble groups and teams with few players on the bench, the loss of key players is detrimental to the group’s performance.

    Although SOA does not have sports teams, our students are able to try out for and earn the right to compete on teams in their attendance zoned high schools.  We proudly support football players at West Ashley, N. Charleston and Stall; soccer players at Wando and James Island Charter; and softball, volleyball and track stars at many CCSD high schools.

    Both  middle and high school students often come together to form teams through organizations such as the Trident Basketball League, sailing organizations, The Charleston  Tennis Association, and other local structures.  We want our students to be healthy and active and encourage them to find outlets to support their health-oriented goals.