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    Welcome to the parent organization at Academic Magnet High School, Partners in Education (PIE).  We are truly fortunate to have a vibrant, active parent support group.  It is through this parent support that many programs and additional services are implemented, and funding gaps are covered.  As you can imagine, the need is especially great this year.  We are happy to report that year over year, these needs have been met by PIE, and we will certainly work on behalf of the parents and families to provide for the students and teachers of Academic Magnet High School.  This year has presented a few new challenges to us, but we are working creatively to be sure we build a strong AMHS community for you and your student. 



    1.  First and foremost, be sure you have entered in all your information for the Directory, that helps keep our AMHS community connected. If you need to connect with other students, parents, or even faculty you can find their contact information here. Register at AMHS PIE membership toolkit.

    2.  And while in AMHS PIE membership toolkit, please click on the Membership and Sponsorships tab to join. Membership is just $30 for your family, and please also consider a tax-deductible Family Sponsorship. Your support will make a lasting difference!

    3.  Next, be sure to sign up to receive the Raptor Report. This is a weekly newsletter that keeps you informed on upcoming news and events, as well as the Principal Notes. Raptor Report signup

    4.  Although we may still be social distancing, we are working hard to connect our community. We will be sending out and posting a calendar of events so be sure to check your emails from PIE and the AMHS PIE membership toolkit for small social gatherings or for volunteer opportunities to support the AMHS students and faculty.

    5.  Purchase some AMHS swag, we have a great selection of Raptor Wear for you and your entire family! AMHS Raptor gear

    6.  Be sure to check out the Talon! It is our AMHS student new site and can further help to get the students connected and the information they need this year. the Talon

    7.  We also suggest connecting through the FaceBook pages for each of the AMHS classes 2021 – 2024.


    INTRODUCING OUR BOARD MEMBERS:  Hopefully, we will be able to connect with all of you this year.  We look forward to meeting you.

    President – Shawndell Hand

    Vice President – Christi McKittrick

    Treasurer – Shelby Olinger

    Secretary – Meg Manuel

    Parliamentarian – Tiffannie Clifford

    Member at Large – Rebekah Unger

    Welcome to new families


    AND new families, here's a link to the Class of 2025 Parent Facebook Page:  


    If you have any additional questions, concerns, or ideas please contact us directly at:


    Academic Magnet High School’s Partners in Education (PIE)