• About the Elementary School Learning Community

    The Elementary Learning Community (ELC) is led and organized by an Associate Superintendent and three Executive Directors. There are 46 elementary schools in the district including traditional neighborhood schools, Montessori schools, arts-integrated schools, as well as schools with a variety of grade configurations. 

    Seven of the 46 elementary schools (Stono Park Elementary School, Hunley Park Elementary School, Julian Mitchell Elementary School, W.B. Goodwin Elementary School, Pepperhill Elementary School, Chicora Elementary School, and North Charleston Elementary School) are Acceleration Schools and they are led by the Associate Superintendent of Acceleration Schools. 

    The ELC is committed to ensuring that each elementary school provides a rigorous, relevant curriculum for all students. A child's elementary school experience establishes the foundation for all future learning. We strive to provide quality instruction utilizing academic standards, as well as enrichment opportunities, to develop students who are prepared to be college and career ready.

    District and school-level administrators, teachers, and support staff in the ELC are focused on continuous improvement and seek opportunities to more effectively serve students each and every day. We pride ourselves on keeping students at the heart of our work!