STOP!T App Information - James Island Charter High School

    We are pleased to announce that our school has enrolled with StopIt, an app which enables students and parents to anonymously report bullying, cyber bullying, violence, inappropriate student-teacher relationships, hazing, drugs/alcohol, self-harm, weapons or any LEGITIMATE issue which can negatively impact the learning environment. This is another way for students and parents to report safety concerns to the staff.

    Our aim with STOPit is to keep our students safe and cultivate a kind and respectful school climate, online and off.

    STOPit is a tool that works by empowering students to protect themselves and stand up for their peers online. Students will have access to the STOPit mobile app, which has two features:

    Report can be used to anonymously report incidents to school contacts.

    Messenger can be used to engage in anonymous two-way communication with school contacts.


    Students can download this app for FREE.
    The school's access code is bekindji
    The below video helps explain what StopIt is...feel free to show all or parts of video that is necessary. 

    Click below to watch the video for more information!