• Foster Care


    Foster Care

    Definition of Foster Care

    "Foster care is the temporary care of children whose families are having problems and the children cannot safely remain in the home. Children in the legal custody of the Department of Social Services (DSS) are placed in a licensed foster home or group care facility that can best meet their needs while their parents work with DSS to resolve their problems.”

    DSS Information:

    The Lowcountry area needs homes willing to take in foster children

    Website: www.scfamilies.com


    SAFY Resources:

    Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) is a national non-profit organization therapeutic foster home agency. Since 1984, we have been a leader in the provision of programs and services that improve the safety and well-being of families, children and communities. Our history formed our reputation as a quality Therapeutic Foster Care provider for youth unable to remain in their home of origin.

    Today, our Model of Care provides community-based services for families and children who have experienced trauma and are at risk for or have experienced family disruption or out-of-home placement. Guided by our Mission to Preserve Families and Secure futures, we care for more than 13,000 families and children each year, delivering a progression of care that provides a brighter today and strengthens families and children throughout their lifetime.

    SAFY Website: http://www.safy.org | Brochure