• This is where you will find important information.  Please check this page periodically throughout the year.

  • FAQs about Student Absences
    Students' attendance is very important to both you and the school.
    We understand that you may be confused about our process.
    Therefore, we have created a list of answers to questions that have been asked by you the parent.

    1) How is attendance taken in Middle School?
    Attendance is taken each class period. If absent for an entire day, the student will incur an absence for each class.

    2) Why am I receiving a phone call about an unverified absence?
    If any teacher marks a student absent during his/her class, then PowerSchool prompts a call to the parent's phone number(s) to make you aware of this notation.

    3) When does the school change the absence status from unverified?
    When the parent sends in written documentation about the absence. For example, a note by parent or a doctor's or dentist's office excuse.
    4) When is a student considered truant?
    If he or she has five unverified absences (no parent or medical excuse).
    5) Why am I receiving truancy letter of notification?
    This is to advise you of missing documentation and that we need you to submit written notification about your student's absences.

    If you have questions beyond these, please contact, Ms. Feldman, our attendance clerk, or your child's guidance counselor at (843) 763-1529.