• Volunteering

  • Volunteering with CCSD Application Process

    In order to be considered for a volunteer position with the Charleston County School District, please access and complete the Volunteer Application  | voluntariado enlace en español .

    Approved applications are good for three years.

    Did you know that CCSD has more than 6,000 volunteers working across the district, all committed to the district's students and schools?CCSD offers numerous opportunities for community members, businesses, faith-based partners, and other organizations to become involved.

    Volunteer positions include:

    • mentoring (with an individual or group of students)
    • being a career advocate
    • serving as a lunch buddy
    • assisting with technology
    • being a classroom speaker, assisting a teacher in the classroom, or reading to a class
    • helping in a school clinic or attendance/main office
    • donating time or resources for special events

    Effective July 1, 2023,  individuals who wish to volunteer with CCSD will be required to pay $5 to cover the cost of the required criminal background check.