•  Sustainability


    Charleston County School District(CCSD) is committed to fostering environmental education and sustainability across the Lowcountry. 

    3-Step Plan

    The first element of the initiative is fostering sustainable, healthy schools.  CCSD is committed to adopting practices that provide a sustainable, healthy learning and working environment that contributes to the educational, physical, and mental well-being of all students and staff. Current projects include increased recycling, resource conservation, green procurement, reduced emissions, green cleaning, and sustainable cafeterias.

    The second element of the sustainability initiative is sustainable construction.  Our goal is to construct sustainable, environmentally friendly schools that conserve resources while improving the quality of the learning and working environment for students and staff.

    The third element of the initiative focuses on a sustainable curriculum.  CCSD has the responsibility to prepare students for a changing 21st-century workforce in which green and sustainability-based jobs will become a booming industry.  Environmental education is incorporated throughout K-12 in a variety of programs ranging from school environmental clubs to class composting and garden projects.  South Carolina science curriculum standards address environmental topics in all primary and secondary grade levels, and in a continuously growing variety of high school level courses.