Pants --- Khaki colored 'chino' pants or shorts
                   Females may wear skirts/skorts
    Tops ---- 6th grade/Blue shirts
                   7th grade/GRAY shirts
                   8th grade/BLACK shirts

    Uniform and Dress Code Policy Clarifications
    Leggings: They can be worn under a skirt or shorts (cannot be worn alone). They must be black or white.  The standards for wearing shorts or skirts is that when standing with arms hanging down to the side, the area on the legs where the fingers touch should be the hemline of the shorts or skirt.

    Earings: Students can wear studs or quarter sized hoops.

    Necklaces: No policy on length. However, large medallions that are palm size or bigger and distracting are not allowed.

    **No jewelry will be permitted that displays profanity, weapons, violence, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drug advertisments or other inappropriate phrases or symbols as determined by the administration.**

    Jackets: Unless instructed otherwise, heavy jackets/coat/windbreakers are to be placed in lockers.

    Sweatshirts/sweaters: Must wear appropriate color for grade level.  They can be pull over, zip-up, button-up, and short sleeve or long sleeve.  NO HOODED SWEATSHIRTS OR SWEATERS.  Hoods of a sweatshirt cannot be tucked in.  Uniform shirts must still be worn underneath.  

    Shoes: Shoes must have a back or ankle strap.  Flip flops, backless sandals, bedroom shoes, including slipper boots, are not permitted.

    **Shirts worn underneath uniform shirt must be solid white or grade level color.**