• Buist Academy Homeroom Assignment

    Each spring, the Buist faculty members work collaboratively to create classroom groupings that support optimal student growth for the upcoming school year. We systematically look at both individual and group needs.  Teachers work with the other teacher on their grade level to create classroom groups of students.   Groupings are reviewed by the MTSS (Core Team).  Specific teachers are then assigned to each group by the principal. 


    FAQs:  Student homeroom assignment at Buist Academy

    Does my child’s current classroom teacher have any input in the placement process?

    Yes.  Your child’s current teacher will look carefully at individual needs and work with the other grade level teacher to provide a strong supportive classroom for your child.  The classroom teachers do not assign specific teachers.


    How can parents provide input?  

    If there is something that you would like to share about your child’s learning style or learning environment needs, please feel free to email Shawntay_White or Karrie_Looney.  Specific requests for teachers will not be accepted. Prior personal experience with a teacher will be taken into consideration.  


    May I request a specific teacher for my child?

    No. Specific teacher requests are not accepted.


    Are classrooms leveled according to academic achievement and ability?

    Our classrooms are heterogeneously grouped.  There is a wide range of abilities, personalities, and interests represented in each classroom. 


    When and how will student placement be shared?

    Placement information will be shared before the first day of school through mail or parent schedule pick up. 

    Why isn’t student placement shared earlier?

    There are many factors that can and do change over the summer.  Enrollment increase/decrease, personnel changes, new student placement, etc. Rosters and schedules continue to fluctuate well into July.