Belle Hall Elementary School

Learning, A Lifelong Journey

  • Image of Kevin Conklin, Principal.
    Kevin Conklin, Principal


  • Built in 1991, Belle Hall Elementary is a neighborhood school located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. We have an inviting, warm feeling that makes students and stakeholders feel less like numbers and more like part of a family. Belle Hall is known for academic excellence. We proudly accepted the National Blue Ribbon School Award in 2021. Student success is of the utmost importance. In addition to helping learners grow academically, we strive to develop students’ character. We encourage students to treat others with respect and gentleness, to do their best, to think before acting, and to protect and take care of the Earth, as stated in our school creed. Our administration, faculty, staff, and parents contribute to a supportive and cooperative community that helps students reach for the stars every day. Belle Hall is an amazing place to learn and grow!