Allegro Charter School of Music

  • Photo of Principal Daniel Neikirk
    Daniel Neikirk, School Leader


  • Located at 4542 Bixby Lane in North Charleston, Allegro prepares students in grades 6-12 for the pursuit of creative work in any field, using music as a medium to inspire and foster creativity, coupled with a strong academic program. 

    The vision of the school is aligned with the purpose of the SC Charter School Act to "create new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating children within the public school system, with the goal of closing achievement gaps between low performing student groups and high performing student groups." Download our Charter Application here to read more about our mission and vision for the school, as well as details on our curriculum. 

    The mission of Allegro Charter School of Music is to produce inspired thinkers and creative members of society through the infusion of music into an academically challenging environment. 

    Allegro Charter School of Music does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or any other applicable status protected by federal or state law. 



Cognia Accreditated Organization