•  2023-2024 Academic Calendar

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    The Board of Trustees voted during their meeting on March 27, 2023, to approve the 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.

    This calendar option includes Spring Break from April 1-5. The new school year will start on August 23 and end on June 10, depending on if any weather make-up days are used. Additionally, all early release days will occur on Fridays and no weather make-up days will occur over Spring Break.

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    El Fideicomiso del CCSD votó durante su reunión de ayer, 27 de marzo de 2023, para aprobar el Calendario Académico 2023-2024.

    Esta opción de calendario incluye las vacaciones de primavera del 1 al 5 de abril. El nuevo año escolar comenzará el 23 de agosto y terminará el 10 de junio, dependiendo de cuántos días de recuperación del tiempo se utilicen. Además, todos los días de salida temprana ocurrirán los viernes y no habrá días de recuperación por el tiempo durante las vacaciones de primavera. 

  • 2024-2025 Academic Calendar 

  • The Board of Trustees voted during their meeting on Monday, September 25 to approve Calendar Option 1 for the 2024-2025 Academic Calendar. 

    This calendar option includes four early release days, three half days, and Spring Break from April 14-21, 2025. The new school year will start on August 13, 2024, for students and end on May 29, 2025. Additionally, the first semester will end for all students prior to Winter Break. 

    If you are interested in participating in a planning committee to develop the 2025-2026 academic calendar, please email communications@charleston.k12.sc.us or call 843-937-6303.

    2024-2025 Calendar View | en español 

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    El Fideicomiso del CCSD votó durante su reunión el lunes, 25 de septiembre, para aprobar el Calendario la opción 1 del Calendario Académico 2024-2025.

    Esta opción de calendario incluye 4 días de salida anticipada, 3 mediodías, y receso de primavera del 14 al 21 de abril. El nuevo año escolar comenzará el 13 de agosto y terminará el 29 de mayo de 2025, dependiendo de cuántos días de recuperación del tiempo se utilicen. Además, el primer semestre terminará para todos los alumnos antes de las vacaciones de invierno. 

    Si está interesado en participar en un comité de planificación para desarrollar el calendario académico 2025-2026, envíe un correo electrónico communications@charleston.k12.sc.us o llame al 843-937-6303.

  • 2024-25 Calendar Development Process

    CCSD is committed to maintaining a transparent process while collaboratively building a calendar for the district. Community input is an important part of this work.

    Calendar Factors and Considerations

    The development of the calendar is guided by factors CCSD considers when creating the academic calendar:

    • The law,

    • educator input,

    • community input, and

    • SC Department of Education guidance.

    Learn more about each of these factors below.

    The Law:

    SC Code of Law Section 59-1-425 stipulates several requirements that govern the academic calendar. They are included below. 

    • The school term must include 190 days.

    • 180 days of the school term must be used for instruction.

    • The school term must cover at least 9 months.

    • 3 days must be used for professional development.

    • 3 weather make-up days are required to be identified on the calendar.

    • The instructional day for students must be a minimum of 6 hours a day or its equivalent weekly.

    • Half Days: Schools may reduce the length of the instructional day to at least 3 hours for not more than 3 days each year. (CCSD note: Early Release days are different from Half Days)

    SC Code of Law Section 59-1-370 governs the closing of schools on election day.

    Educator Input:

    In addition to analyzing employee community survey responses, CCSD will seek feedback on calendar options from representative groups of Teachers of the Year, Principal’s Cabinet members, Academic Cabinet Members, and local teacher advocacy groups prior to finalizing calendar options for presentation to the Board of Trustees.

    Community Input:

    Following the academic calendar development process in spring 2023, a group of 56 members of the CCSD community volunteered to serve on a 2024-25 calendar planning committee. All members of the CCSD community were invited to participate on the committee via a district-wide call/email, web posting, and via social media in March 2023. 

    The planning committee is comprised of teachers, principals, district-office personnel, and parents. The group held their initial meeting on Friday, May 26, 2023, and collaboratively adopted a timeline for the group’s work as outlined here.

    The committee surveyed the community from June 9 - June 21, 2023. The survey garnered over 5,000 responses. 

    SC Department of Education Guidance:

    Early Release Days 

    Early release days are governed by this SC Department of Education Memo. As long as the week contains the minimum instructional 1,800 minutes, a school may have more than three (3) early release days where students are released early by two (2) hours. 

    Weather Makeup Days/eLearning Days

    The linked memo also addresses the use of weather makeup days. Charleston County School District is an SCDE-approved eLearning district. The current provision allows the district to use up to five (5) days in eLearning. These days are for emergency situations, such as inclement weather or utility interruptions. They are not planned days on the calendar. While weather makeup days may be scheduled during breaks, it is important to note that weather days will only be used  AFTER five eLearning days are exhausted.

    Community Input Results and Committee Work Plan

    Summary data from the survey was presented to committee members in this Data Presentation on July 3, 2023. At the July 3, 2023, convening, the committee determined that it would develop four types of calendars listed below (in no particular order).

    • Calendar 1: A traditional calendar. For this conversation, a traditional calendar includes a 5-day Thanksgiving break, a 10-day winter break, and a 5-day spring break.

    • Calendar 2: A traditional calendar + one additional week of vacation

    • Calendar 3: A traditional calendar + two additional weeks of vacation

    • Calendar 4: A calendar that ensures the first semester ends prior to the winter break and the year ends in May.

    Workgroups submitted their calendars on July 14, 2023. In late July 2023, the calendars were shared with internal stakeholders who are representatives of key stakeholder groups to collect feedback and allow for revisions before sharing the options with trustees in August 2023. (timeline here)

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  • Questions? 

    Please contact the Office of Communications at communications@charleston.k12.sc.us.