• For Families

  • How to Use TalkingPoints

    Communication with teachers in more than 150 different languages.

    Families have three easy ways to use TalkingPoints and to communicate with their children’s teachers for free! They can use text messaging, download the separate app - TalkingPoints for Families - or they can use it on the web at TalkingPoints for Families

    Learn how to use your TalkingPoints for Families App!

    Go to https://talkingpts.org/families/ to find a complete guide and some meaningful information about Talking Points.

    You can also download a guide at https://talkingpoints.elevio.help/en/articles/845

Speech-to-Text in TalkingPoints for Parents

  • Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

    Parent-teacher conferences are a time for parents/guardians and teachers to share information, discuss student progress, and form relationships that will help students succeed.

    You know more about your students than anyone at school. Your student’s teacher(s) needs to hear from you, and you need to hear from the teacher(s).

    Documents for Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference will be available in the following languages later this spring:

    • English

    • Spanish

    • Portuguese

    • Mandarin

    • Arabic

    If you want this document translated into any other language, please send us an email to languagerequests@charleston.k12.sc.us specifying the language you need it.