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  • Charleston County School District understands the importance of clear and effective communication in fostering strong partnerships between families and school. The district is committed to providing communication support to multilingual families through the following language access tools and services. Families can contact their child’s school for more information about these services.


    Talking Points Talking Points  Talking Points is a communication tool that helps families and teachers send text messages to each other in the families’ preferred language.
    Translation Translation Educational documents are translated into Spanish by an in-house staff of translators. Translated documents are also available in a variety of other languages through the use of approved 3rd party vendors
    Intrepretation by ZOOM Interpretation by ZOOM Interpretation services are provided for virtual meetings in over 200 spoken languages and American Sign Language (ASL).
    Interpretation by Phone Interpretation by Phone Telephone interpreting is provided in over 200 spoken languages. This service can accommodate on-demand, same day, or pre-scheduled requests
    Interpretation in person Interpretation In-Person

    In-person interpretation services are provided in Spanish and ASL, and services are customized to meet the needs of events. In-person services are also available in other languages through the use of approved 3rd party vendors.

    Interpretation by Headset Interpretation with Headsets For presentations, in-house interpreters use interpretation headsets to provide real-time information to the audience in a target language. The interpreter speaks into a headset microphone and the audience member has headphones and a receiver.
    American Sign Language American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation ASL interpreting is provided for virtual and in-person meetings/events
    Bilingual Staff Bilingual Staff at Schools Bilingual staff are trained to support schools in creating welcoming school environments for all families.