• What is Clever?

    Clever is our online student portal with students can access all of the digital tools and resources we use in school.  Clever is a Single Sign-on portal, meaning once they are signed in to Clever, they are able to easily sign in to any other app listed on Clever.  Students have a username and password, and while some older students may remember their login information, younger students are typically signed in using a QR code, called a Clever Badge.  

    Check with your student's teacher for username and password information, or to request a copy of their Clever badge. Student usernames consist of the first three letters of their last name, the first three letters of their first name, and the last four digits of their Student ID number, as listed on their report cards and progress reports. Example: LasFirs1234

    You can access Clever at home by clicking the button below, or the "C" button on the main navigation bar above.  Choose "Clever Login & Charter School Login" to enter student credentials. 

    Clever button